Happy World Book Day!

April 23 is globally observed as the “World Book Day”.

Roswell High

Many TV shows and movies are based on books. As you know, The WB’s Roswell is based on the young adult book series Roswell High by Melinda Metz and Laura J. Burns. Apart from the first book “The Outsider” and the pilot being almost identical, the stories in the tv show follow a completely different plot.

Jason Katims explained to Starlog in 2002 that “The books have always lived in a parallel universe that’s different from the show. What Melinda has done with the books and what we’ve gone on to do with the show – we’ve both used the first book as the jumping-off point, but we’ve gone in different directions, so the characters, their experiences and what happens to them is different.”

Did you read the Roswell High book series back then or just recently?
What would have been fun to see on the show, as well? Characters, items, locations, powers, little details, … ???

Some suggestions:

  • See the dance the “Alien Bop”
  • The auras all the aliens could see
  • the website with Alex Manes’ lists
  • The “Close Encounters theme“ playing every time the restaurant door swings open
  • flying saucer shaped booths at the Crashdown Café

Roswell Books

There are the “Roswell High” books and there are the “Roswell” books.

During the series’ original run three novels were released and eight more books followed in 2002 and 2003 with the last four following the adventures of our favorite Roswell characters after the events of the final episode “Graduation“. Sadly, neither the “Roswell High” nor the “Roswell” books are in print anymore. Be sure to check:

  • eBay,
  • Amazon,
  • thriftbooks,
  • your local library
  • connect with classmates from High School who still could have them

for used books. Please comment below for more ideas on how to get the missing books for your collection.


  • Being on the writing staff of the third season, Laura J. Burns penned the book titled “Quarantine”, which was released in March 2003.
  • The book cover for the second to last book “Persuit” features a season three promotional photo that hasn’t been used before elsewhere.


… a new podcast titled @2aliensandbookspodcast by Christy and Jess. The two Roswell fans teamed up to talk about the books.

Melinda Metz’ & A Fun-Fact

When Melinda Metz published her first book written for adults in January 2018 she revealed a fun-fact, which made some candy hearts jump for excitement.

The writer who is known for the “Roswell High” books and was on the writing staff in the show’s third season said: “I had an interview on Good Day Charlotte this am. One of the possible questions (which didn’t come up) was who I’d want to play the romantic leads in a movie version of Talk to the Paw. (there isn’t a movie version planned). What I was going to say was Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr.”

Majandra replied to the tweet with “Aww. Thanks Melinda! ♥️ ”, and we definitely support this casting dream in case of a movie version.

There are no aliens in “Talk to the Paw”. But there is one extremely talented cat, MacGyver, who is smart enough to realize his human needs his help to meet a guy.

There are three books available:

  • Talk to the Paw
  • The Secret Life of Mac
  • Mac on a Hot Tin Roof