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Melinda Metz On FOX46’s “Good Day”

Melinda Metz was on FOX46’s “Good Day” some days before her new book was published. In the interview she tells what inspired her new book “Talk to The Paw” and she provides a small insight look into the story and what readers can expect from the book.

On Twitter, Melinda also revealed a fun-fact, which made some Candy hearts jump for excitement. The writer who is known for the “Roswell High” books and was on the writing staff in the show’s third season said: “I had an interview on Good Day Charlotte this am. One of the possible questions (which didn’t come up) was who I’d want to play the romantic leads in a movie version of Talk to the Paw. (there isn’t a movie version planned). What I was going to say was Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr.”

Majandra replied to the tweet with “Aww. Thanks Melinda! ♥️ 😍”, and we definitely support this casting dream in case of a movie version. Melinda Metz’ new book is available now and you can find “Talk To The Paw” in book stores and of course on | ca | | de and Barnes and Noble.

Well, now you might have two particular faces in mind when you start reading the book.