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Pass the Hot Sauce – Bonus Episode About B+T

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The Roswell podcast “Pass the Hot Sauce” just wrapped up “How the Other Half Lives” and surprised its listeners with a bonus episode on April 22nd, 2021.

Host LaRena and producer Ashley are talking about Roswell’s spiritual successor and invited a special guest in order to share all the exciting “Baron and Toluca” goodness together. We were happy to find out that our friend Nomi from @RoswellBack joined them in a B+T deep dive.

In their half an hour podcast, they are talking about that special candy energy, the two trailers, the Roswell commentaries on Instagram Live, the B+T live rewatch of the second promo, the more grown up vibe of the project, the great quality about the Indiegogo perks and more.

It’s super cool that the fish flask from the first promo got a short mentioning by Nomi, as well. We are dying to know more about it, too.

Since day one, we have been wondering if fish flask has any significance. The flask could be a metaphor for Baron who is stranded in the desert thirsting for someone to save him, like a Fish would be thirsting for water to thrive. Low and behold our main hero gets picked up by none other than Toluca which leads to our hero feeling like maybe it was better just being deserted! We also heard the theory that the flask looked similar to a rocket while watching it for the first time. Or he is drinking Snapple with some Tabasco in it as we read in discussions on Twitter after the first promo was released … We can’t wait to hear theories about that. Or could it just be an accessory, only?

If you haven’t seen the first two promos for B+T, please head on over to YouTube and check them out before listening to their chat.

No worries, if you are a new DAN after watching Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr in their roles of Toluca and Baron and if you want more… the pilot is currently in pre-production and you can help them to make it even more spectacular. Their Indiegogo campaign is still live and you can buy merch and other pretty amazing perks in order to help to project. Bookmark the official website, too!

Ashley gives an important note Brendan mentioned to all their listeners. If you would like to also buy more perks and items at one time instead of purchasing them on the Indiegogo website separately, feel free to email Brendan at, and they will take care of you!

If you don’t have much to spend, but still want to support B+T, Majandra and Brendan have you covered, too. In this bonus episode, LaRena highlights the DAN-K YOU perk where fans can show their support with $1 or more. Plus exclusive backer updates and behind-the-scenes photos and footage throughout the campaign and production are included.

“Many hands make light work,” says LaRena in conclusion and we also agree that this is very well said.

The Pass the Hot Sauce team also focuses on other supernatural events related to Roswell, beyond the show in mini-episodes like The Roswell Incident, UFO Religions, and Aliens in Pop Culture and Area 51 to name a few. You can find the podcast everywhere.

Please find all the links below and follow “Pass the Hot Sauce” on social media for all the news and updates about upcoming episodes and specials.

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Baron And Toluca

Trailer #1 ‘Seatbelts’: YouTube
Trailer #2 ‘B+T Teaser’: YouTube
Trailer #2 + Indiegogo Campaign Intro: YouTube
Trailer Live Watch Video: B+T Trailer Live Watch Party on Instagram (Not on Instagram? Watch here.)

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