Join The Roswell Real Time Rewatch – Oct. 6th

“September 23rd. Journal entry one. I’m Liz Parker and five days ago I died. After that, things got really weird…“ Thank you for your numerous tweets and replies on Twitter and Facebook this past Monday, September 18th, which is also known as the official “Happy Max saved Liz day“! #MaxSavedLiz #HappyMaxSavedLizDay We will continue to chat about Roswell, the characters, and the mysteries, as well as the actors.

Starting on October 6th, you can join us for a three-year celebration of Roswell. Yes, three, tres, trois, três, trzy, drei years!

We are going to kick off the re-watch on the day Roswell premiered, October 6th and we are taking it slowly in order to enjoy and celebrate every episode to it’s fullest. That means: we are going to watch every episode on its original airing date. In the thick of it, when we reach season two, we are going to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the show and it’s premiere.

Since Twitter did not exist in 1999, we are going to live tweet some of our favorite episodes and you are invited to join us. Please be sure to follow @Crashdowncom as well as our Roswell “rewind“ Twitter page, @TheGranilith, if you are not doing so already:

The Granilith, a branch of @crashdowncom, is the loyal Roswellian’s means of time travel. Join us as we go back in time and revisit Roswell!

You are a big part of this rewatch. Let’s make it a fun one!

In the meantime, prepare for the re-watch by checking for the full details to be released very soon. In addition, please make sure to help us put some exclusive content together for the Roswell Anniversary, too! Contact us via social media or mail to and make this Anniversary super-special for the fans.