Pure Fandom Podcast: Reimagining ‘Roswell’ on The CW co-founder Liz and tv obsessed writer Meg did a podcast on The CW’s “Roswell NM”. Listen to the first episode: Pure Fandom Podcast: Reimagining ‘Roswell’ on The CW

Tune in for details on:

  • New cast announcements (The Originals fans, get ready for more Nathan Parsons!)
  • The fierce females behind the show’s pilot, and how their passions will influence the new series;
  • The premise of the new series (hint: it covers real issues we can all relate to—it’s not just another story with a love triangle!)
  • Why sci-fi fans should be excited (aliens, duh);
  • Why you should give the show a chance if you’re new to the genre;
  • If the aliens will have belly buttons or not (wait…or was that Kyle/Tyler XY?! #DontJudgeUs)

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