Roswell Looks Amazing in Velm’s Comic Style

(c) VelmDigital artist Velm had an amazing New Year’s resolution for 2017: create digital paintings. “I am gonna reproduce scenes from movies and TV series that I love“, the Canada-based artist wrote on her official Facebook page on January 11th.

To our luck, Velm is a dedicated fan of the TV show Roswell.

“I am going to focus on the coloring and run some tests. It’s mostly for fun. It is possible that the actors don’t look the same (but the first goal is to work on the color).“, she added. When you see her sketches you can immediately recognize the beloved characters from the show. Her latest artwork features all the characters in front of the Crashdown Café and Max’s jeep ‚Bob‘ is even parked in front of the restaurant!

Velm created a more experimental digital painting from one of the most heartbreaking episodes for all the Dreamers as well. Take a look in the mirror and see Liz Parker and Future Max on her Facebook page: Digital painting 01 – ROSWELL (“End of the World”).

The former student of the cartoon program at the Cégep du Vieux-Montréal loves telling stories through drawings and in 2014, she began broadcasting her webcomic “La première“ (The First One) via her website. Just a year later, she self-published the story in her first book with the next volume expected to be released this year. Thanks to a Kickstarter campaign her book “Curiosité Morbide“ came to life in 2016.

Make sure to visit Velm’s social media pages and learn more about her projects. If you would like to meet Velm in person you’ll got the chance to do so very soon; she has a booth at FantastiCon Montreal on April 2nd, 2017. You can find more information on the event here and on her artist site of the convention. She is going to bring her comic books and some prints will also be available.

Are there going to be some Roswell prints? Maybe. Just ask Velm. We love the fact that even after so many years Roswell lives on through creative fans.

Credit: Digital artwork shown with permission by the artist.