Netflix Confirms Not An April Fool’s Joke

Netflix says farewell to Sci-Fi.

If you just started your Roswell rewatch you need to hurry and finish all three seasons this March, because Roswell will definitely leave Netflix!

We learned on March 6th, that our favorite show is set to expire on April 1st along with The WB shows Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel, Joss Whedon’s sci-fi gem Firefly as well as the X-Files.

At that moment there was some hope for a renewal of the licence – like they usually did it – but unfortunately Netflix does not plan to keep those shows on their platform any longer.

They wrote on Facebook “It’s curtain call for some of our favorite shows” and released a new video to officially say goodbye to the fan favorite shows. The clip says “It’s the final hurrah for some of our favorite titles.” before they start listing Angel, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Firefly, Roswell and the X-Files.

Watch the clip below which shows emotional scenes from all shows:

After fans complained, Netflix agreed that It’s a bummer all around.”:

Its a bummer all around, but to explain a bit more — a good portion of TV and movies on our service are licensed via outside studio partners and for a set period of time. When that license expires we have to remove it from the service — which is the case here with Buffy, The X-Files, Angel, Firefly and Roswell. We’ve been excited to house these shows for more than 5 years, but as the license will expire on April 1st they will fall off the service. While it is always messaged on the service, we wanted to let you all know here as soon as possible so you could catch up or finish watching before they left.

You’ll need to watch two days and 13 hours streight to watch all three seasons of Roswell. Will you push up your monthly/yearly re-watch? Is Roswell a big part of why I have a Netflix subscription? Do you own the DVD box set or do you consider buying it now?

What are they adding to take their place? B+T? Sadly we haven’t heard anything yet. Please let Netflix know how you feel about this.

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