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“Shades Of Blue” Season 3 – UK Premiere Date

The final season of “Shades Of Blue” celebrates its UK premiere on SKY Living on Tuesday July 3rd at 9 PM. Nick Wechsler stars as Detective Cole on the police drama with Ray Liotta and Jennifer Lopez.

The explosive new season airs Sundays on NBC in the United States.

Watch a preview video clip below and make sure to head on over to Tell-a-Tale-TV for an exclusive interview with Nick Wechsler on his role and his most memorable auditions.

The actor said on Twitter: “Wanna read an article in which I wander aimlessly through the garden of my own shattered mind, ostensibly to promote my upcoming appearance on the final season of @nbcshadesofblue? Thank you for your patience, @ashleybsumerel.“ It’s a fun read!

*Beware of violence!*

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