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Emilie de Ravin – #FBF With Three Little Cuties

By • Aug 24th, 2018 • Category: Emilie de Ravin, Roswell

Emilie de Ravin shared a wonderful Flashback Friday picture last week. The actress is sitting in her trailer holding the triplets Jake, Connor and Trenton who played Baby Zan on her lap. They were also playing Baby Connor on The WB’s “Angel”. Emilie wrote: #fbf to cuddling/working with these 3 little cuties back in 2001 […]

Roswell, NM – #103 Episode Titel Revealed

By • Aug 23rd, 2018 • Category: CWRoswellNM

The third episode of The CW’s “Roswell, New Mexico” is entitled “Tearin’ Up My Heart”. Rick Montano and Vincent Ingrao wrote this episode, which could be named after *NSYNC’s second single from their debut album. The single was released on February 10th in 1997 and we can assume that there is going to be a […]

Diane Farr Attended TCA Summer Press Tour

By • Aug 22nd, 2018 • Category: Diane Farr

Diane Farr attended the TCA Summer Press Tour hosted by Disney ABC Television at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on August 7, 2018 in Beverly Hills, California. She shared a photo on Twitter and joked “I hope doesn’t melt at 119 degrees tonight.“ The actress stars on ABC’s “Splitting Up Together“. Season 2 premieres October 16th […]

Roswell NM – Dylan McTee Joined The Alien Gang

By • Aug 21st, 2018 • Category: CWRoswellNM

Another new character will be introduced in the second episode of “Roswell, New Mexico”. Dylan McTee plays Wyatt on the show. He wrapped his scenes for “So Much For the Afterglow” on August 20th, 2018. It’s not known, if he is going to play an alien on the show. No details about this character have […]

Re-Imagining Roswell: Welcome to the Crashdown Cafe – Part 2

By • Aug 19th, 2018 • Category: CWRoswellNM

While the pilot episode of The CW’s “Roswell, New Mexico” was filmed in Albuquerque and Santa Fe, the production of the first season takes place in Las Vegas and Santa Fe. Thanks to Ryan Lowery we got a first look at the new building which will now serve for outdoor recordings of the Crashdown Café. […]

Please Let This Be B+T Related!

By • Aug 10th, 2018 • Category: Baron And Toluca, Brendan Fehr

“Please let this be #BaronAndToluca related and not about golf or something 😛. One day you & Majandra would work onscreen together again…?”, wrote B+T fan Chelle in a reply to Brendan Fehr’s latest tweet. The actor tweeted on August 10th: “One day. It’s not if but when. Stuck with it. Told ya.” and added […]

Roswell, NM – Shiri Appleby Will Direct An Episode

By • Aug 5th, 2018 • Category: CWRoswellNM, Leading, Shiri Appleby

When asked about the The CW’s plans to bring a re-imagining of “Roswell” back on TV, Shiri Appleby said in February “I heard! I can’t wait for them to call me to direct an episode.”* Shiri now confirmed that she is going to direct an episode of The CW’s re-imagining. She replied to a fan […]