The CW’s “BTS Sizzle Video” Features Roswell, NM Cast

“Summer may be over, but the fun’s just getting started. The CW’s new season begins October 9!”, tweeted The CW on September 4th, 2018. The re-imagined “Roswell” is not airing before spring, but some scenes are showing the cast in the new The CW promo clip during a photo shoot or promo filming. The video is titled “BTS Sizzle Video” and while the promo in the Twitter post has been cutted to a quare you can watch the full video on YouTube and surprise: The first scene with Lily Cowles, Jeanine Mason and Nathan Parsons features Michael Vlamis, too.

Theo Chinara sings this catchy tune called “Shooting Star” and you can find it on his album “TRENDING”. Watch the promo below: