No Tabasco For The CW’s Aliens

The showrunner of The CW’s “Roswell, New Mexico” gave away a little spoiler. We learned early that hot sauce won’t be used in the re-imagining. Back in October 2017 Carina Adly MacKenzie replied to a fan that she’s working on an alternative, because she didn’t think that she can use Tabasco. “I don’t think I can because they do the same thing on iZombie!” She added “And no tobasco because legally we couldn’t… they do drink something weird though.”

In case you’re new to the Roswell univers. In the books and TV version, the aliens love all things extremely sweet mixed with spice. Book Isabel liked Tabasco on ice cream, Michael put it on donuts and TV Michael enjoyed the hot sauce on chocolate bars and for example TV Isabel enjoyed her dose of sweet and spicy in her orange juice. In addition, fans flooded network offices with the aliens’ preferred condiment: Tabasco sauce in order to save the show from cancellation.

Now, fans already made their guesses what this new alien favorite flavor would be.

Crashdown’s @RoswellRewind team, who is focusing on The CW’s new version, wrote on Twitter “Wouldn’t it be fun, if the aliens can eat 🍋 as if it would be an 🍏” It turns out the aliens in the second Roswell adaption love something else and it is certainly something different and it does not improve the taste of unseasoned meals and it’s definitely weird. “They get high off nail polish remover. Turns out acetone is a painkiller for aliens. Some use it more recreationally than others. Science is crazy.” the writer said on Twitter.

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