Roswell Couples Appreciation Month

Our #MAYbeROSWELL fun month is on the way, so let’s give it a proper entrance. With the Anniversary later this year, we will be spending time appreciating all there is to love about “Roswell:” The show itself, the cast, the characters, the fans, and of course, the couples! Spring is in the air and so also is LOVE!

Everything is Better When I’m With You

What better way to welcome April and all it’s LOVEliness than to fill it with an Appreciation Month filled with fun Roswell couple posts and tweets!

Starting on April 1st, we will post, tweet and spread the love and you are cordially invited to join us. Share quotes, screenshots, artwork, GIFs, clips and even links to your favorite couple-centric fanfic, and let’s relive those moments. Make sure to use the character and shipper hashtags for an easy finding.

Please make sure to add the hashtags and tag @crashdowncom. Please don’t forget that CRASHDOWN WANTS YOUR MEMORIES, too.

Please share this schedule everywhere so more people join in the fun!

Roswell Couples Appreciation Month

April 1 – 7: Dreamer Week

Liz Parker and Max Evans, as portrayed by Shiri Appleby and Jason Behr
Hashtags: #LizParker #MaxEvans #RoswellCouplesAppreciationMonth #RoswellDreamers

April 8 – 14: Candy Week

Maria DeLuca and Michael Guerin, as portrayed by Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr
Hashtags: #MariaDeLuca #MichaelGuerin #RoswellCouplesAppreciationMonth #RoswellCandies

April 15 – 21: Stargazer Week

Isabel Evans and Alex Whitman, as portrayed by Katherine Heigl and Colin Hanks
Hashtags: #IsabelEvans #AlexWhitman #RoswellCouplesAppreciationMonth #RoswellStargazers

April 22 – 28: Lamptrimmer Week

Tess Harding and Kyle Valenti, as portrayed by Emilie de Ravin and Nick Wechsler
Hashtags: #TessHarding #KyleValenti #RoswellCouplesAppreciationMonth #RoswellLamptrimmers

April 29 – 30 (- nah, let‘s say May 5)

Pie Taster / Untuckables: Sheriff Valenti and Amy DeLuca, as portrayed by William Sadler and Diane Farr
Hashtags: #SheriffValenti #AmyDeLuca #RoswellCouplesAppreciationMonth #RoswellPieTasters