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Shiri Appleby Is A Special Guest On “Mama Said“ Podcast

Shiri Appleby is a special guest on the July 24 episode of the podcast MAMA SAID! You can download and listen to the podcast via Apple: Shiri Appleby Gets Spicy With The Spouse

Shiri Appleby Gets Spicy With The Spouse

July 24, 2019

Our work and home lives can become difficult to manage. Between careers and kids where do you find time for your spouse? Enter actor and mom Shiri Appleby. She joins Jamie and Jenna to talk about ways to find time for your spouse and to give your marriage the attention it deserves.

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Actress Jamie-Lynn is teaming up with musician Jenna to talk about the hard subjects, embarrassing moments, and sticky situations we all face as parents! Jamie-Lynn manages being a mom to 2 boys while traveling and working. She’s been through it all and is here to help. Jenna is a stay-at-home mom of 2 and uses her research of all things mommy to share her best tips and tricks! Welcome to a safe place to confess your worst mommy sins, realize you’re not alone, and make you feel like you’re killing the mommy game!