LeadingMajandra Delfino

Married Couple Playing a Married Couple?

”We’ve been asked what it was like working with a married couple playing a married couple in our lead roles. That totally depends on the couple, right?“, wrote Later Days Movie on their official Instagram page. They shared a photo of Majandra Delfino and David Walton on set of the the coming-of-middle-age comedy about an 80s class reunion party that goes off the rails. “@majandrama and @davidwalton are absolute pros who carried the heart and soul of this movie with aplomb, giving tenderness and love to each other on camera and off, and making life easy for our cast and crew with their brave, fun-loving spirit and incredible talent,” they continued.

“Later Days” is co-written and co-directed by Brad Riddell and Sandy Sternshein. Filming took place in September 2019 in Chicago and the movie is now in post-production.

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Photos: laterdaysmovie via Instagram