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Best of Ketchup Bottles and Two Muffins & New Roswell Watch Party on April 28

The Sweet and Spicy Duo are back it again Tuesday April 28 6PM PT/ 9PM ET on Instagram Live, for episode 2 of their live commentary during their #RoswellRewatch. This time we will be watching “285 South” where all the Candy magic began.

Last Monday April 20, Brendan and Majandra took us down Memory Lane as they gave us great commentary and behind the scenes information on “Heatwave”. Here are some of our favorite quotes from last week’s commentary.


Majandra: “I’m blushing” (while looking at the first intense makeout scene of the episode)
Brendan: “How tall is she?!”


Brendan: “What a good looking cast, really!”
Brendan: “Jason wasn’t on his knees climbing up the ladder
Majandra: “That would great if was on his knees :::both laughing:::”


Brendan: “Let’s start at the two muffins and the ketchup bottles!”
Brendan: “Do you think she wrote out what she was saying?”


Brendan: “Just Sweep babe!”
Brendan: “Even the stuff that should be cheesy, it doesn’t feel cheesy.”

In a commercial break the both actors answered questions, gave more behind the scenes tidbits and an update on Baron And Toluca. For the video of last week’s Instagram live action between Brendan and Majandra don’t worry! Brendan and Majandra announced that a link to the previous live session will be released soon.

“We are working on a video replay of the Heat Wave a.k.a “Ketchup Bottles and Two Muffins” episode live commentary of Majandra and Brendan. We will post the link as soon as we can. Thank you to all who joined and those waiting to watch. It was a blast.”

To see the next live chat an Instagram account is needed. For any Instagram Newbies out there Crashdown created an article that can help you get started here.

Please make sure to get some questions ready and enjoy the Roswell Instagram Party with the Candy duo.

Here’s when it will happen depending on where you are located:

See you April 28 on Instagram!

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