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Jason Behr Joined Instagram

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This isn’t a drill, is it?

No, it isn’t.

Shiri Appleby announced that her former “Roswell” co-star and good friend Jason Behr officially joined Instagram. We wanted to verify this information is true since fake social media profiles have been tagged and shared all over the web again, especially after Jason accepted a role in The CW’s reimagining.

Back in 2013, Jason’s wife confirmed that he is not on Twitter (Read more: Jason Behr is NOT on Twitter) and this time, there is no doubt this is Jason because Shiri went live on Instagram and @thejasonbehr accepted her invitation to join.

Their face-to-face chat happened right before a new episode of “Roswell, New Mexico” premiered on The CW. Shiri directed Episode Four “What If God Was One Of Us” and Jason was a guest in this episode again. “While @thejasonbehr @shiriappleby did Instagram LIVE, Atticus made dinner🍕before tonight’s @cwroswellnm airs!”, wrote KaDee Strickland on Instagram. She added “Congrats on the #roswellreunion (@shiriappleby directs🎥 @thejasonbehr)”

Unfortunately, their Instagram LIVE session wasn’t saved, but you can find many happy fan reactions on Twitter. In addition, Jason received a very warm welcome on the social media platform.

“JASON BEHR JOINING INSTAGRAM IS THE BEST THING TO EVER HAPPEN. PERIOD,” wrote Jessika on Twitter which summarizes what most fans are saying about the announcement.

Many thanks to Brooke, for letting us know that the Crashdown Chatter Podcast for The CW show happened to record 41 seconds of their little Roswell Reunion. It will definitely make all the fans who missed it very happy, not just that we get a glimpse of their talk but also about the content of said clip.

In the recording, Shiri suggested to Jason “We should make this a recurring Corona occurrence. The Jason and Shiri Instagram LIVE could be more than just only an episode of TV on”. Jason liked the idea. “Let’s do it”, he replied. The both of them have been looking for something to work together for a while now. “This is the closest we got into that. Having Shiri doing this episode tonight,” said Jason in their live session. He agrees with Shiri and says “Yeah, we got to figure it out.”

Shiri took the chance to address their request to all the TV show runners and executives. The fans are definitely onboard for a new project starring the beloved actors.

Were you one of the lucky +450 fans, who saw it live? Is there anything we should add?

Please make contact now: Head on over to Jason’s official Instagram and say “Hi”!


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