Majandra Delfino

Wakanicci. What?

Edited by Tina

David Walton is the co-founder of Wakanicci (wa-ka-nee-chee), a company whose goal it is to bring men the perfect bathrobe.  For the launch, they released a video which features Majandra’s husband enthusiastically talking about their new product.  The video was filmed in the Walton-Delfino residence in Maine and Majandra, their daughter and dogs have a cameo at the end of the clip as well.

The clip is super funny and if you’re sad that the perfect bathrobe was made with men in mind…“don’t worry!, the size “Nicci” looks stunning on women,” wrote David in his Instagram post. He added “My wife @majandrama wears hers non stop. So ladies, get one for yourself too.”

Actress Brooklyn Decker is outfitted with a “Nicci” already and commented, “Frankly, my @wakanicci is the only thing getting me through quarantine.”  David agrees and replied, “Right? I spend 7-8 hours a day in it.  I think we need a zoom cocktail party avec our robes.”

Dax Shepard, Kristen Bell’s husband, is stunned by the reveal, “Wow wow wow. I want this to be more than just a bathrobe. I want this to be an organization I can surrender my will to”, he joked. David fittingly replied to the actor, “We know there are many choices out there, so we sure do appreciate you making Wakanicci your higher power.  Please call or text Customer Service for all spiritual needs.”

Co-founder David Walton describes the journey and need for The Perfect Bathrobe by Wakanicci: