Roswell Virtual Party

Join Tonight’s IG Live About The Music on “Roswell” (May 21)

You will surely agree that the music on The WB/UPN’s ROSWELL is special and truly an uncredited leading character of the show.

“I’m discussing the impact of the original music from the original episodes of Roswell vs. the music from the DVDs on IG Live this Thursday […],” wrote Christy on roswellvirtualparty‘s Instagram. Leonard will join the fun. You might have read his article “Roswell – In Its Original Form” already, so be ready to discover more in depth information on the changed music and the way ROSWELL was meant to be.

Join the discussion today at 5:15pm CST/6:15pm EST.

In the meantime, we’re going to listen to some songs from the Roswell Spotify Playlist …