Upcoming Roswell Virtual Fan Events

Christy from Roswell Virtual Party (@roswellvirtualparty) on Instagram has some ongoing and upcoming events happening for fans on IG Live and Zoom. You can find the page at instagram.com/roswellvirtualparty These are the current events happening:

Roswell Rewatch Series on IG Live on Saturdays at 6pm CST/7pm EST

This coming Saturday June 20th, Christy and her co-host, Sophie are watching “Missing” on IG Live. You can follow along on your own device and there will be pauses for those watching on Hulu with commercials. Every Saturday, they watch the next episode in season one and will be watching the entire series. They follow a fun drinking game with the beverage of your choice (it can be non-alcoholic) from the list posted on Christy’s page and in the description box for the episode posts. The main drinking cues are pinned at the bottom of the IG Lives. Come join them for a fun time!

Zoom Meetings for Favorite Scene Roswell Rewatches & Episodes on Sundays at 1pm CST/2pm EST

E-mail Christy for the Zoom login info at xcreativechristyx@gmail.com or DM her on Instagram or Twitter. Join her and her friend, Leonard in watching Roswell the way it was meant to be experienced with original music every week.

Roswell Book Readings Live on IG Live on Tuesdays at 7pm CST/8pm EST on IG Live

Christy with her friends Jess (@bsuanthrogirl on IG) and Michelle (@the_roswell_michelle on IG) are going to be reading chapters from the rare Roswell book series (the one based off the television series, not to be confused with Roswell High) every Tuesday night. If you’ve ever wondered what happens in the books and can’t afford to buy them online, this is your chance to hear about stories that happened off screen with the beloved characters of Roswell. Along with the readings, the girls will also be choosing charities of their choice which benefit many causes like BLM, help for those affected by Covid-19, mental health, homelessness, ad much more. You have the option to donate off the link on the IG Live, but it’s not required. This is something Christy wanted to do for the fans and raise awareness to some great causes at the same time.

Make sure to give Roswell Virtual Party on Instagram a follow and turn on notifications for posts, stories, and IG Lives so you don’t miss a thing! There will be an upcoming trivia day in conjunction with Crashdown, Emilie de Ravin Germany Fanpage, B+T Fans, Roswell Fanpage, Roswell Back and Christy’s co-host @maxevansisstaringatyouagain. Also, a project is in the works to raise awareness for a Roswell movie so if you have ideas or would like to be involved in a possible video for it, e-mail or DM Christy.

Links to contact Christy and her friends

Christy on Instagram: @roswellvirtualparty and @creativefan15

Christy on Twitter: @liasonradio

E-mail Christy ideas for future virtual events at xcreativechristyx@gmail.com

Sophie: @maxevansisstaringatyouagain

Jess: @bsuanthrogirl

Michelle: @the_roswell_ michelle

Leonard: @megafan2000

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