First Virtual Fan Gathering Took Place Yesterday

While we are still celebrating 20 years of “Roswell” (the anniversary of the premiere in Italy is coming next on September 20!), the cast is showing their love to “Roswell” more than ever right now.

Especially Majandra Delfino and Brendan Fehr’s Instagram Live commentaries are funny, witty and they are not only keeping fans entertained during these strange times, but they also make all the fans excited and craving for more … more original unique nostalgia. We can tell that the fans who are viewing their live sessions are very happy about every piece and spoiler the two actors give away about Baron And Toluca, a show that is clearly a love letter to the fans. Learn more about B+T and be sure to watch and share the trailer.

With at least one more Roswell Watch Party with Majandra and Brendan on the way (we still hope for more), Roswell fan Christy came up with a new idea. Together with her friend Sophie, she hosted a first virtual get together for Roswell fans on Instagram last night. While this first Instagram session was a little live meet and greet, the next one will be a live rewatch.

Mark your calendar for the Roswell pilot rewatch on Saturday, May 23, 2020 at 6 PM central standard time (USA). Please check out the Event time Announcer and find out when the event will take place in your time zone.

If you missed the first edition of this Virtual Roswell Party, don’t worry. You can watch it on IGTV on your phone. Follow @roswellvirtualparty on Instagram for all the details and upcoming events.

We put together some links and more information about the mentions made by Christy, Sophie and fan comments in the LIVE below.

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