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Roswell Virtual Parties For Fans

This just came in:

If you’re an original Roswell fan or even a newer Roswell fan because of the reboot (Roswell NM), a fun opportunity to interact live with other fans from around the world is here!

Christy, a long-time Roswell fan, has created an Instagram page @roswellvirtualparty that has plans to offer lots of opportunities to interact live with fans of our beloved TV show, Roswell. She is originally from Chicago, IL and attended a couple Roswell fan parties in person that were a blast and came up with an idea to create that kind of party virtually.

Currently, Christy lives in New Orleans, LA and would love to create the opportunity for fans from around the world to participate in live watch parties of the entire Roswell series (yes, all three seasons!). The best platform for that is to be determined, whether by IG Live or Zoom Meetings. In addition, there will be Instagram live parties with trivia, themed fan discussions, and more!

Details and plans for fan activities are in the works. If you have any ideas or would like to go live with Christy on Instagram during the Roswell fan activities, follow Christy at

She is looking for multiple big Roswell fans to co-host this virtual party with her, that is if you’re not too camera shy. A greater fan following is needed for Roswell virtual parties to be a success so follow Christy on Instagram today!