Katherine Heigl

Oh My She’s Fine – Music Video Stars Katherine Heigl

Edited by Tina

Katherine Heigl is starring in her husband’s new music video. Josh Kelley explained to Digital Journal, that the uplifting tune came about very randomly. “It happened really fast and we were just having fun with the kids. It sounded so good and it needed lyrics and a story. It was good fun to make during the height of COVID-19 here in the United States. It was a fun little distraction for us.”

The positive song “Oh My She’s Fine” is exactly what everyone needs in this strange time. Katherine came on social media to tell that this may be her all time favorite party song from here on out. She added fittingly “Crap mood? Play Oh My She’s Fine. Bored? Play Oh My She’s Fine. Mad? Play Oh My She’s Fine. You get my point…I hope. 😏😁❤️ ”

Josh told Digital Journal that he has more new music coming out this year but that’s not all. They quote him saying “My plan is to release new music the following year as well since I wrote 20 songs during quarantine. I want to keep new music coming out constantly.”

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Katherine Heigl will be seen next in the Netflix series “Firefly Lane”. Unfortunately, the 10-episode series adaptation of Kristin Hannah’s best-selling book has no premiere date, yet.