Roswellians BandTogether – Let‘s Celebrate

Join the celebration of Roswell’s 21st Anniversary on October 6th with fellow fans on social media and use the hashtags: #OGRoswellLoveFest and #BandTlovefest

For the B+T Launch happening next week Friday October 9th and in support of Baron And Toluca afterwards use the hashtag #RoswelliansBandTogether.

A group of fans on Instagram have spearheaded this effort to show our love for the original Roswell and support for Baron And Toluca as well. Feel free to follow these fantastic fan pages on Instagram to join together with fellow Roswell fans… Amanda, Christy, Michelle, Jess, Sophie, OG Roswell Fans, This Time Podcast, Roswell France, Roswell and Its Actors, B+T Fans, Sandra, Roswell and Buffy Fans, Roswell Edits, Roswell Fanpage, Roswell Dark Angel, Roswell Hot Sauce, Roswell Back, Crashdown

Fan art attached is courtesy of Michelle for the B+T Vasquez rocks one and Amanda for the pictures of the Royal 3 and OG Roswell Fans for the one with the picture frame and Roswell OG Fan art.