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Bon Jovi Are Celebrating a Milestone

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Many thanks to Rose for the heads up!

Bon Jovi are celebrating 1 billion views of their music video “It’s My Life” on YouTube. The band wrote on July 1st, 2021: “thanks to everyone who had a part in making this video so special,” and they added a video message to the Facebook post which you can find here.

The music clip was directed by Wayne Isham in Los Angeles over several days in March 2000 with the band’s footage being shot on March 19th. In the music video, which was added to music television channels such as VH-1 and MTV for heavy rotation soon after its release, actors Will Estes and Shiri Appleby are playing the main roles.

Watch it again here:


A young man, “Tommy”, is working on his computer and watching BJTV which shows a secret Bon Jovi concert happening… at the same time, he’s called by his girlfriend who yells at him to meet her at the show in the tunnel. The rest of the video is Tommy’s struggle to make it to the concert by running all over the city to get there in time… “Tommy” is WILL ESTES who, believe it or not, did most of his own stunts and his girlfriend is played by SHIRI APPLEBY.

On his way to the secret gig, Tommy hitches a ride on a garbage truck, runs through traffic, encounters a few more obstacles… think of it as an homage to “Run Lola Run”… Interspersed throughout this is performance footage of BON JOVI singing live in the tunnel…

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Shiri with Bon Jovi, June 12, 2000