Baron And Toluca

This is it – The countdown is on!

Written by Hailey

Off the back of an incredible and well received schedule of events in Roswell for UFO Fest 2021, Baron + Toluca is now on the home stretch of the pre-production campaign! Usually people would think that the work here is done – but not the B+T dans! The dans know that every single cent generated for the Baron + Toluca campaign will continue to help fund an amazing show, especially while in pre-production.

What does pre-production mean, exactly?

It’s that time period in the lead up to filming, in which the planning and processes are being organised. This could mean finalizing scripts, organising cast and crew, confirming locations for filming, and determining the type of equipment needed. The pilot is funded, of that we are sure – but let’s keep the momentum going to help Brendan and Majandra generate the best version of B+T possible!

Dan Duties

In the lead up to the filming of the Baron + Toluca pilot (most likely taking place sometime this November, 2021), @BandTFans along with its affiliate pages will be posting a list of interactive “dan duties” to keep the ball rolling for Baron + Toluca funding. Keep and eye out as new duties and fun activities are released regularly across the ‘This is it’ campaign.

Join in on this week’s activity:

Spreading the B+T love!

Starting Sunday 8th August 2021, post the link to the Baron and Toluca Indiegogo page, with a short explanation as to why! Don’t forget to outline that if preferred, people can email directly to purchase some of the exclusive merch that is left over from the UFO Fest. This includes the limited edition, newly designed B+T mugs and t-shirts, as well as the autographed never-before-released WB image of Brendan and Majandra, posing as Michael and Maria from Roswell days. Below are some example post ideas to help you out!

Social Media Post Examples:

Let’s #bandtogether and continue to make dandom history! The Baron and Toluca campaign is still live, and you can be part of the fun. Head over to to get involved and find out more.
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Psst, wanna know a secret? There’s still some limited edition Baron + Toluca merch available! But you gotta get in quick, the dans are snapping it up! Email for more info on how to purchase direct!
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This is it! Sick of seeing the same ‘ol tired, regurgitated stories on the tube? Wanna be part of a revolution being generated by the fans themselves? B+T – it’s happening! Get involved and be part the fun. Everyone has a role, and you can too! Visit for more info.
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