Clayne CrawfordSupporting

Roswell actor in the movie “A Walk to Remember”

I know people have been sending this in regularly and I apologize for not posting this sooner. BTW, if you haven’t seen “A Walk To Remember” yet, I highly suggest you do – I loved the movie (just don’t expect the book to be exactly like the movie)

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The actor who plays Billy Darden in Roswell has some info about himself at the site:

It briefly talks about roswell. all u have to do is enter the flash site and click about the film and click cast and u can click his face and it talks all about him.

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Warner Bros. : A Walk to Remember……..Just thought I should let you guys know…..Clayne Crawford has a role in the new movie “A Walk to Remember” I think he played sean in Roswell at least he looks like he does. It wouldn’t mention his roswell character on the IMdb, but His biography on the movies website says he has a recurring role on Roswell…….He plays one of Shane West’s friends (Dean). Its a GREAT movie btw….if you haven’t seen it, you should! ;).

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I just went and saw “A Walk To Remember” and one of Landon’s, Shane West, friends had looked so familiar to me! About half way into the movie I noticed that it was Clayne Crawford, who played Billy in “Behind the Music.” Anyways, I really thought it was cool so I came home and was looking him up and it turns out that he is in Swimfan with Shiri!

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The actor whom played Billy,Marias old friend from “Band Camp” was in the film “A Walk to Remember”. I just saw it tonight.At first I swore up and down I recognized that sweet southern boy accent…..and sure enough it was him.Got the crap beaten out of him too! I’m sure Michael would just LOVE to hear about that!