Baron And Toluca

B+T Paris Instagram Live with Majandra & Brendan on Friday

As teased, Brendan Fehr and Majandra Delfino are going live on Instagram soon.

They are going to give you a heads up on all things B+T in “Paris”.

Now we know then time and date!

Majandra announced in her story yesterday, that they are doing the Instagram Live on Friday August 12th, 2022 at 12 PM Pacific Standard Time, 3 PM Eastern Standard Time and 9 PM Paris Time. Tune in and they also will save it in case you can’t make it.

Keep an eye on the @dansinparis Instagram account, too for all the news and updates on the event.


In case you missed it, ….

.. read more below.


…the two actors and co-creators are flying over to Europe in September in order to introduce the Pilot of their project “Baron and Toluca” to an international audience. But that’s not all. They are ready to sweeten any dan’s day with special perks and meet and greets! You and your friends can join them, on September 8-11 for a multi-day experience on all things B+T.

Hurry and head on over to and safe your ticket. The Gold and Silver ticket options are already sold out, but you can still purchase a Bronze ticket or attend the screening with a General Admission ticket.

Starting the day with a petit-déjeuner with your friends and your favorite paranormal duo? Yes, that’s a perk you can get and there’s more… For all the details please watch the video here.

Besides the Bronze, General Admission and the Virtual ticket you can still order your seat for breakfast, lunch or dinner with a maximum of 5-7 people. A signing session with an exclusive printed picture takes place, too.

Be there and maybe you are in attendance when a new legendary hashtag or signature phrase gets created. Crab walking and salad tossers anyone?

If you can’t make it to Paris, there’s a Virtual ticket option, too and you can get a 5 minute video call with Brendan and Majandra. You can also order merchandise.

Please spread the word and don‘t wait too long and email to request and reserve your ticket and perks at

Big things happen when we BandTogether… and EVERYONE HAS A ROLE.