Baron And Toluca

Another B+T BTS Photo

Edited by Tina

The Baron + Toluca updates/goodies continue to drop in!

Brendan Fehr shared a behind the scenes photo from the pilot episode, which shows him in his double role as director and actor alongside Majandra Delfino in a school-ish location.

He tweeted: “My directing face. @MajandraD’s BEING directed face.” Brendan credited Gabe Sachs as photographer, who happens to be his former “Night Shift” boss.

The photo has also been shared on his other social media accounts. Majandra shared the photo and commented in her Instagram story the fact that she’s standing on a little box. “Always be the actress that won’t wear heels. Even a Tom Cruise will make you look less ginormous,” and she added in another story on the platform that lucky for her Brendan is 6 feet. Majandra wrote in parenthesis: “Still, don’t wear the heels. Let them work around it.” with an emoji showing playfully a tongue.

If you are wondering where you can watch the pilot we have good news for you. You can attend the European Premiere in Paris on September 10th, where you can also buy special perks. In addition, supporters of the Indiegogo campaign are going to have the chance to watch the B+T episode very soon.

P.S. or a Warning: Check out or avoid the replies for a spoiler. 

//EDIT: The tweet mentioned in P.S. has been removed.