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William Sadler – New Music In The Works

William Sadler is working on his next album!

He shared the news via his official Facebook page.

I’m working on the next album right now. It’s a fun collection of original songs but we’re approaching it a little differently this time. Instead of doing it in a piecemeal way where I sing and play guitar up in our daughter’s bedroom, then a wonderful sound engineer named Matt Kulewicz takes over my computer from California, cleans up the recording, sends it to great producer Steve Kirkman, who gets it over to violinist Deni Bonet, who adds her strings, then flips it over to the amazing pianist Jon Cobert who flips it the Scott Hull at Masterdisk who makes it sound amazing.

If this process sounds a bit awkward and fraught with missteps and misunderstandings, you’re right! We managed to get the songs on an album and out (William Sadler – The Kitchen Tapes available at therealwilliamsadler.com) and it’s really fun and sounds great and the money goes to St. Jude’s.

But this time, Scott Hull and Steve Kirkman have gathered musicians in one studio WITH me to lay down “sick beats”. We bounce off each other, make adjustments and then play and sing the daylights out these songs. I haven’t named it yet. Maybe “Greatest Hit Volume Three” maybe “William Sadler- Too Old To Know Better” but whatever we come up with, it’ll be fun.


Please make sure to visit his official website therealwilliamsadler.com and listen to THE KITCHEN TAPES, if you haven’t done so already.