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Eraser Room
The eraser room does two things: it cleans erasers, and takes our innocence. The eraser room a small room that is used to clean the erasers so that chalk dust doesn't fly all over the school. For the kids at school it's a place to "make out".
Submitted by: Lena

Evans, Diane
Diane Evans is the foster mom of Max and Isabel. She is married to Phillip Evans, a lawyer. They found Max and Isabel, when they were six years old, wandering around the desert and later adopted them. Diane has seen Max do things that appear paranormal but when she asked him to explain his special abilities he became so upset she dropped the questioning.
Submitted by: Joan; Updates by Lena

Evans, Isabel
Isabel has two sides to her personality which are polar opposites. To the outside world she is an elitist snob who hangs out only with the “in” crowd, wouldn’t be caught dead doing a “service oriented” job and is only interested in the latest fashions. In private, she deeply loves her family (her parents, Max and Michael) and is a caring, loving individual who will stick by you through thick and thin. She is very bright and does well in school but would not be considered an overachiever. She would like to be a supermodel but her career placement profile says she should choose a care-giver field. She mainly uses her powers for recreational purposes and enjoys dreamwalking. When she walks into Alex’ dream she learns how he feels about her and is pleasantly surprised. Isabel loved her life in Roswell and is very upset that her little world has been disrupted. She partially blames Liz for this disruption and, although she considers her an ally she has not yet bonded with her as a friend. Her alien powers: She can "Dreamwalk", change molecular structures, etc.
Submitted by: Joan

Evans, Max
Max is a natural leader, to whom the others turn for advice and guidance. He is very methodical and likes to think things through. He is a bright, conscientious and dedicated student. He has few, if any, friends besides Isabel and Michael, loves his parents, and is fairly content with his life in Roswell. He seems to be the most proficient with the aliens’ special powers (he is the best at healing). He knows Liz is his soul mate but the uncertainties in his life (how long he will live, where he will live – will he have the opportunity to return to his home planet, can he consummate a relationship with a human, etc.) cause him to hesitate in involving her in his life, thinking it would be unfair to her. Alien powers: Max can heal, make connections, change molecular structures, establish a shield
Submitted by: Joan

Evans, Phillip
Phillip Evans is Max and Isabel's foster dad. He is a lawyer and specialized into corporate law. He assisted Michael in his emancipation. Mr. Evans is a good father to his children and he always trusted them until many strange things happened in a short time. When Max and Liz got arrested in Utah he noticed that his son hides something. Then Max disappears for a couple of days to California and he understands that he has to do something. After the wedding of Isabel and Jesse he begins to ask questions about Max.
Submitted by: Curly

Everett Hubble