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December 13, 1999

Roswell’s Katherine Heigl joins TV’s alien ranks

Katherine Heigl is really into her character. Heigl plays Isabel, an extraterrestrial high schooler with magical powers, on Roswell an X-Files-meets-Dawson’s Creek drama on The WB Network. “In a recent episode, Isabel waved her hand over a spot on her clothes and made it disappear,” says Heigl. “I mean, how cool would that be? I totally wouldn’t mind being able to wave my hand head to toe and have, like, a whole new outfit.”

Having, like, a whole new job on television is pretty cool too. After appearing in eight films, including Under Seige 2 and Bride of Chucky, Heigl, 21, beat out a hundred young actresses at a Roswell audition last year. “She’s my best friend,” says costar Majandra Delfino. “We hang out on weekends, watch Grease 2 and make homemade face masks. We’re just like girls.”

As a real little girl, Heigl grew up in New Canaan, Conn., where she modeled before segueing into movies. She dated Blossom actor Joey Lawrence, then 18, for three months in 1994. “I was on the East Coast. He was in L.A. It was mostly over the phone,” she says. Nowadays she lives in her four-bedroom L.A. home with her manager-mom, Nancy, 56 (who was divorced from her dad, banker Paul, 58, in ’96). Do aliens live on Earth? “I don’t know,” she says. “But Dennis Rodman does make me wonder.”


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