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Movers and Shakers

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From The Press Enterprise:

January 2, 2000

Who’s going to be hot in 2000? Here’s some likely
prospects from film, television, music, dance and the visual arts.


Artistes expected to take stage

Here’s a ‘Who’s Who’ of artists who you’ll probably be hearing more of.

There’s certainly been enough looking back — now it’s time to look ahead.

Here are some names of artists who are on the way to making waves in this new year in movies, music, theater, dance and visual art, from staff writers at
The Dallas Morning News.)

Television – WHO: The women of the WB’s teen-alien series “Roswell” —
Shiri Appleby, 21; Majandra Delfino, 18; Katherine Heigl, 21.

WHY: With spunk and sensitivity, they steal their prime-time show. Despite
their youth, all three are veterans of TV and film. Appleby, for instance,
has been doing commercials since she was 4. She and Delfino play best friends whose kitschy attitude toward their hometown’s supposed ’47 crash is shattered when they discover three real aliens, including Heigl, walking the school halls alongside them. Together, they make you believe.

WHAT’S NEXT: Appleby — perennial TV guest star, regular on Norman Lear’s
short-lived 1991 series “Sunday Dinner” and bit player in such films as “I Love
You to Death” and “The Thirteenth Floor” — has a role in the upcoming Kevin
Pollack comedy “Deal of a Lifetime.” Delfino (“Zeus & Roxanne,” “The Tony
Danza Show”) has three movies in the works, including the teen-slasher parody “I Know What You Screamed Last Summer.” And Heigl, best known for playing the daughter opposite Gerard Depardieu in “My Father, the Hero,” is currently shooting the independent feature “100 Girls.” “Roswell,” their strongest work to date, can been at 9 p.m. Wednesday on Channel 5 (KTLA).
– Manuel Mendoza


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