Roswell – Roswell Review

Roswell Episode Review

This week’s episode of Roswell is titled “285 South.” The awesome quote this time around is voiced by both Michael and Maria, “There’s got to be more for me somewhere other than Roswell, New Mexico.” That one brings a smile to my face as I’ve heard it said many a time from teens in my RHS graduating class and those currently attending the real Roswell High.

In this rerun episode, Michael is caught breaking and entering. He also steals a car, with Maria in it, trying to follow an image he has in his mind. He and the others believe it is a clue to their past.

Michael and Maria’s bantering conversation is wonderfully funny as they attempt to make it down highway 285 south, being unknowingly followed. Liz and Isabel discover what have in common.

There were touching moments as well as comical situations throughout 285 South. Overall, it is a delightful episode. Music this time introduced two groups to me: Stroke 9 and Euphoria. Next week another return episode called River Dog will be shown.

–Kim Bundy