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EW Gives “Crashdown” An A

Karola posted this on the message board. Thanks for posting it Karola and sharing it with everyone. Congratulations Squanto.

You deserve it. Here’s to you :)*

EW issue #544 – June 9, 2000 with “Survivor,” Kathie Lee G., and the “Will & Grace” cast on the cover.

‘Roswell’: Crashdown
( * An onslaught of fanatic support for a show like “Roswell” is nothing shocking. What’s rare is a find like Darien Wilson’s fan shrine to the WB program (costarring Jason Behr, above), which eloquently details the happenings on and around the show. the superslick, professional-quality design showcases well-written (and correctly spelled!) cast bios, message boards, a chat room, fan fiction, and an episode guide. The dish is updated daily, the spoilers are gleaned from shooting scripts, the links are well described: It’s almost perfect to be of this world…A