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Katherine Heigl’s 400th Day In Quarantine Post

“Dear Diary, it appears that the only bright light this 400th day in quarantine is the much anticipated series premiere of @nbccouncilofdads which is sure to be my new favorite show,” wrote Katherine Heigl on Instagram. NBC’s new show “Council of Dads” aired following the season four finale of “This is Us”.

“Oh how I pine for the hour of its arrival. I must remember to write my dear friend @tvphelan to thank him for delivering this tale to my living room, the living room it seems I will not be leaving anytime soon.” she wrote. “What sweet sweet relief to know tonight shall be full of entertainment instead of the bleak void of one more indistinguishable day of isolation.” She ended the post with a “Till tomorrow dear diary, Katherine”

Tony Phelan, whom she mentioned in her post, is a Writer/Director/Exec Producer at NBC/Universal. They worked together on “Doubt”. His credits include “Grey’s Anatomy” as well. His latest show “Council of Dads” moves to its regular time slot at 8 PM on Tuesdays on April 30. The pilot is available on NBC.com.

In addition, you might have spotted a familiar face on “Council of Dads”. Michael O’Neill plays Larry Mills on the new drama show. The actor played Phillip Evans in the episode “The Morning After” before he joined “The West Wing” as Secret Service Agent Ron Butterfield and left The WB show. The role of Mr. Evans on “Roswell” was recast with Garrett M. Brown.

You want some more trivia? There is a “Roswell” connection in the thrilling season six finale of “Grey’s Anatomy”. Michael O’Neill who played Gary Clark, the man who blames Derek for his wife’s death, appeared on “Roswell”. So it’s Isabel’s dad, who shot Izzies husband.

Watch the video she shared on Instagram, too. Her husband filmed the actress as she was sitting gemütlich on the couch in front of the TV at 3 PM waiting for the show to start.

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