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Thanks to Jennie for transcribing, and sending this in! Portions of this interview appeared on the site last week, but this has a little more.

Majandra Delfino’s 102.7 KIIS FM Interview on 2/29/00

Note: *** = commercial break or music.

JOJO: 10-4. Are you in the elevator? Come in. Over & out.

MAJANDRA: No. We’re outside the doorway, coming into the hallway now.

JOJO: I love these walkie-talkies. Ha ha.


JOJO: [suggestively] Majandra, pull the mike really close. Oh, perfect. Oh, oh. Ladies and gentlemen, from the TV show “Roswell.” I love this show. And she’s here in the studio. Majandra Delfino, who plays Maria. How you doing?

MAJANDRA: I’m doing good, and you?

JOJO: I’m doing awesome. I saw you at the Colby Bowl thing. What like.uh.I met you briefly.


JOJO: For like a second over there.

MAJANDRA: This is true.

JOJO: And I feel like we have like a weird little bond kind of thing. Do you feel that at all?

MAJANDRA: I’m feeling it.

JOJO: Do you?

MAJANDRA: I’m feeling it?

JOJO: Cool, right on. And kiisfm.com, if you sign on. Let me turn the cam on you. That thing is pointing on you from the Internet right now.


JOJO: So, excellent. Okay. Do you believe in UFOs?


JOJO: You do?


JOJO: I just had to get right into that ‘cuz your show is all UFO-ish, and I am totally into all that stuff. And how heavy do you get into that?

MAJANDRA: I, um, don’t get into it. I just kinda believe it.

JOJO: Uh-huh.

MAJANDRA: It’s just, like, known to me.

JOJO: Now, the Ros-

MAJANDRA: I don’t feel like I need to research it. I just know it.

JOJO: You just kinda feel. Okay.


JOJO: Now the whole Roswell thing.the show-for the people who don’t know, you obviously may have heard of the Roswell incident-supposedly, an alien landed in Roswell, New Mexico. What year did that go down?


JOJO: Okay, you have researched. Excellent.

MAJANDRA: Well, I’m on the show.

JOJO: And you have to be, ‘cuz you’re on the.yeah.

MAJANDRA: [chortles] Yeah.

JOJO: What.like, uh.supposedly if that happened–aliens landed back then–and then how does your show take off from that?

MAJANDRA: Well, it was not that the aliens landed. It was that there was a crash.

JOJO: Yeah.

MAJANDRA: ‘Cuz that’s what people believe.

JOJO: That’s right.

MAJANDRA: And that it left some pods. It’s kinda not covered well because that’s the whole mystery.

JOJO: Uh-huh.

MAJANDRA: Or else there’d be no show.

JOJO: Exactly.

MAJANDRA: And they left pods, and these kids came out of these pods sometime in the 80s as 4-year-olds in human shape.

JOJO: And then grew up.

MAJANDRA: And got adopted, you know, went through the whole orphanage thing. Were found, and then grew up, and are now 16 years old. And have realized that they have special powers, and that it must be that they’re aliens.

JOJO: Now on the show, you are a human; you’re not an alien.

MAJANDRA: Well, kinda. [laughs] No, I’m a human.

JOJO: Well, I know you’re a human, but do you ever wish you were, like, an alien?

MAJANDRA: A little more in real life than on the show.

JOJO: Okay, cool.


JOJO: But the show is awesome, man. I mean, you were talking off the air about how sometimes you kinda blink into alien mode or whatever. What were you saying about you wish.you almost thought something?

MAJANDRA: Yes, sometimes I think that the actual characters in real life might have the powers they have on the t.v. show, just ‘cuz I’ve seen it so much that I figure for a split second, like ‘Oooh, oh no!’

JOJO: But then you snap back into reality?


JOJO: That’s good, because that would be trouble


JOJO: The show.


JOJO: The show.What time’s the show on? What night? What time?

MAJANDRA: Wednesday nights at 9.

JOJO: Okay, we’re going to take a bunch of calls.


JOJO: On the WB, of course. By the way, give it up for “Roswell,” the t.v. show [in studio audience hoots & claps]. It’s awesome. I swear I believe in UFOs, but then again I’ve never ever seen anything. Have you ever seen any kind of weird, trippy stuff like that?

MAJANDRA: No, I’m not that crazy enough that I can say I saw, um, but I believe in the whole cosmos, all that stuff. You know?

JOJO: What would you do if you saw something? Most people who say they believe in a UFO, but then if they saw something, they’d probably try to convince themselves that it was an electrical surge or some sort of whatever.

MAJANDRA: Dry lightning.

JOJO: Yeah.

MAJANDRA: Um, I don’t know. I think if I saw it, I’d be like, “All right, well, but that clears everything up.”

JOJO: Cool, cool. “I have to go now. Thanks a lot, Mr. Alien.” Well, we’re going to do a thing tonight. You’re going to hang out, take some calls, if you’re cool with that.

MAJANDRA: I’m okay with that.

JOJO: I know you have an early call tomorrow.

MAJANDRA: Yeah, but I’m always up for talking on the phone.

JOJO: Right on. All right. Cool.


JOJO: Your glasses are pretty awesome.


JOJO: I dig those.

MAJANDRA: It’s the librarian style.

JOJO: It is kinda like the whole Lois Lane kinda thing.

MAJANDRA: Oh, that’s what I was going for. Thank God. Some people are like, “Garth? Wayne’s World? Garth?” I’m, like, “No, but thank you.”

JOJO: Awesome. And, I gotta ask you.the whole.your name is Majandra, but it’s got kinda a cool story behind your name Majandra.


JOJO: Kinda a cool, little story. I’ll touch on that in a second.


JOJO: JOJO on the radio, with the girl from “Roswell,” Majandra Delfino. Live from the studio.


JOJO: All right. 102.7 KIIS FM. It’s JOJO on the radio. Majandra Delfino, who plays the character Maria on the TV show “Roswell” is live in the studio. Okay, we have a question on line.Uh oh, I think I just hung up on her. Are you there, Judy, hello? [dial tone] I just hung up on Judy. Her question was: are you dating Justin of Nsync? Do you care to–

MAJANDRA: Elaborate? [laughs] No, I’m not.

JOJO: Okay.

MAJANDRA: I don’t even know anyone from NSync.

JOJO: Okay, she.Yyou’re in the clear, Judy.

MAJANDRA: It’s a good thing.

JOJO: Angelo, Angelo, are you there?

CALLER: Hey, what’s up?

JOJO: What’s up, Angelo? You’re live on KIIS FM. Say “hi” to Maria.Majandra. It’s a name game.

CALLER: I just want to say that “Roswell” is, like, the best show on TV.

MAJANDRA: Oh, thanks! I’ll take credit for that.

CALLER: Yeah. I was just wondering, uh, is there going to be anything happening in the future between you and the character Michael?


CALLER: Like, there’s all this stuff right now about the romance and stuff, but is there anything you can tell us?

MAJANDRA: It’s definitely a long, rocky road.

CALLER: That’s cool.

MAJANDRA: Yeah, but nothing, like, solid that I can really reveal.

CALLER: Nothing you can reveal?


CALLER: Well, that’s cool. Thanks.

JOJO: Which means she knows something, but she’s not talking basically. So, right?

MAJANDRA: Yeah, yeah, I think that’s what I meant.

JOJO: You can’t see her face now, but she’s got that “I’m hiding something” look on her face, dude.

CALLER: That’s-

JOJO: Cool, dude. Hang on a second, brother. Say “bye” to Majandra, dude.

CALLER: Okay. See ya later. Bye.


JOJO: Hey, have you had any make-out scenes on the show yet?

MAJANDRA: Oh, plenty.

JOJO: Oh, see, I’ve never caught the show when you’re making out.

MAJANDRA: Oh, so many. I’m like the one.

JOJO: Really?

MAJANDRA: It’s like “Let’s have Majandra make-out with someone.” That’s always the thing.

JOJO: Is it enjoyable? Or is it old?

MAJANDRA: Um, well, first it was really, like, really scary for me because they had this really close.this camera that was, like, right on us. Right there. I could see everything. So, I was a little nervous. But then it became fun.

JOJO: Now, how close, like, in inches when you do a giant close-up? I always thought it kinda zoomed in on you, but I guess-

MAJANDRA: No, no, no. It wasn’t actually, like, there, but they show us how the shot is before.

JOJO: Now, I’m curious. How close is the camera and all the crew to you?

MAJANDRA: Oh, it was really far away, ‘cuz it was on a long lens.

JOJO: Oh, okay.

MAJANDRA: But it appears so close, you know, on the screen.

JOJO: That’s creepy man.


JOJO: They’re just like peeping in way off in the distance.


JOJO: But all the crew guys and dudes holding the lights and microphones, and there you are making out, it’s like “okay.”

MAJANDRA: Yeah and it was like so steamy. The whole thing. The episode was called “Heatwave,” and it’s all hot and sweaty and very like sensual.

JOJO: Right on.

MAJANDRA: So, like, everyone afterward was like “woah.” And you’re kinda like “okay.”

JOJO: Did the crew like laugh or anything?

MAJANDRA: No, that’s the whole thing. Everyone afterward was, like, silent, which is even scarier.

JOJO: Woah. And how many retakes? Well, I guess you do a lot of retakes every time.

MAJANDRA: Well, I just had to kiss a lot. So, not even retakes included, I had to do a lot of kissing.

JOJO: Is it hard to not fall in love with your costars and really get kinda a thing going for them? You know it’s acting but after when you make-out with them so many times.

MAJANDRA: I usually.well, yeah, that’s the thing that turns me off. You know what I mean?

JOJO: When you flop your mouth on somebody.

MAJANDRA: I usually don’t fall in love with people by kissing them, but, uh, hey why not?

JOJO: All right, cool. Rosalinda, are you there? Hello? Oh, Debbie. I’m sorry. Who is this? I’m on crack. Hello, KIIS FM, yo. Debbie?


JOJO: Oh, Gaby, I keep calling you Debbie. It’s Gaby. My bad.

CALLER: That’s right, that’s why I should get free tickets, huh?

JOJO: You should get free tickets. Hold on.

CALLER: All right.

ANNOUNCER: KIIS FM would like to apologize. JOJO has [bleeped] up again. Please stand by. We apologize for this inconvenience. And now JOJO on the radio.

JOJO: Gabi, are you there?

CALLER: Yeah, I’m here.

JOJO: Say “hi” to, um, Majandra. I keep wanting to call you Maria.

MAJANDRA: It’s okay.

JOJO: Majandra Delfino.

CALLER: Hey, what’s up?


CALLER: How are you?

MAJANDRA: I’m good. And you?

CALLER: Fine, thank you.


JOJO: Do you watch “Roswell”? Hello?

CALLER: I just wanted to know if, like, she’s, like, an NSync fan?

MAJANDRA: Am I an NSync fan?

JOJO: She’s dating Justin.

MAJANDRA: No, I’m not an NSync fan.

C [muffled]: They’re not dating.


CALLER: You guys are not dating, huh?

MAJANDRA: No, I don’t like NSync at all.

CALLER: [hurt] OH!

MAJANDRA: Not to, like, say anything bad.

CALLER: How can you say that? [Note: I think that’s what she said]

MAJANDRA: I’m kinda like more of a musical fan as opposed to an act sort of thing.

CALLER: They’re the best.

JOJO: Oh, let’s not fight about NSync. Hold on. Oh, dear lord. Line 15, uh, hello, who is this?

CALLER: Kristen.

JOJO: Hey, Kristen. What’s happening?

CALLER: Nothing. Hey, JOJO.

JOJO: Hello. What’s going on?

CALLER: Nothing much.

JOJO: Hey, we have, um, I mean, you have a question for Majandra, right?

CALLER: Yes, I wanted to know how does it feel to kiss Jason?

MAJANDRA: I’ve never kissed Jason.

CALLER: You haven’t?


CALLER: Then you kissed Brendan?


CALLER: Oh, okay. How was that?

MAJANDRA: How’s that?

CALLER: Uh huh.

MAJANDRA: It’s pretty good. I had to teach him a few things, but after that it had a good groove.

CALLER: Oh, good.

JOJO: He wasn’t a good kisser until Majandra got a hold of him.

MAJANDRA: Oh, they never are.

JOJO: But she has to learn them, you know? But the way she’s talking, I would imagine she’d be making out with him before you know because you make out with pretty much everybody-aliens and non-aliens.

MAJANDRA: No, just Brendan.

JOJO: That’s the only person you’ve made out with in the show?

MAJANDRA: Yeah, but a lot. Out on the floor, on the counter, on the [stops].

JOJO: That’s good stuff. [cheers from studio audience] Well, say goodbye to Majandra.

CALLER: Bye, Majandra.



JOJO: Bye, bye. Wait, what’s your vote for the JOJO Top 5 at 9?

CALLER: NSync, of course.

JOJO: By the way, Majandra is dating Justin. Have you heard that?

MAJANDRA: No! We’re not.

CALLER: Lucky.

JOJO: No, she’s not. No she’s not. Hang on one second. It’s 102.7 KIIS FM, Los Angeles, JOJO on the radio.


JOJO: All right, I’m JOJO on the radio. JOJO’s Top 5 at 9 brought to you tonight by ArtistDirect.com. If you click on, you can have a chance for Madonna to do your voice mail and about a billion other things too. And in the studio right now, from the TV show “Roswell,” she plays Maria. Majandra Delfino is here. Hi, Majandra [syllable by syllable].

MAJANDRA: Just call me Maria.

JOJO: No, I’m going to call you Majandra.

MAJANDRA: I can tell you’re aching.

JOJO: No, the thing about Majandra.how did you get that name b/c there’s was a deal with your little sister, I think?

MAJANDRA: Older sister. I was born. She was two at the time, and she couldn’t say my full name, so she said Majandra.

JOJO: What is your full name if you can say?

MAJANDRA: Uh, oh, I’m not going to say it.

JOJO: Basically, it’s-

MAJANDRA: DMV. You know, find out where I live.

JOJO: Right on. Oh, okay. Good. Psychos freaked you out.

MAJANDRA: I’ve had bad situations.

JOJO: Um hmm.

MAJANDRA: Yeah, so, Majandra came from it.

JOJO: So it’s kinda like a couple of names squeezed into one.

MAJANDRA: Well, it was kinda like a Mary Alice sort of name. You know, like, Mary Alice, you wouldn’t call her Mary or Alice. You’d call her Mary Alice.

JOJO: Got you.

MAJANDRA: It’s one of those types of names. And she’d say.she said Majandra. All right, it’s Mary Alice. No, I’m kidding. No, it’s not.

JOJO: Okay, fine. But anyways, since your, uh.the news is out.it’s good news for NSync fans.she’s not dating Justin of NSync [applause from studio audience]. She’s dating, uh, she’s not dating the guy on the phone line. I’m not even going to say who the mystery guest is. Mystery guest, say “hello.”

M.G.: [weird accent] Hallo!

MAJANDRA: [laughing] Hallo!

JOJO: Okay. Number 5. JOJO’s Top 5 at 9. Majandra, please introduce it if you don’t mind.

MAJANDRA: “All the Small Things” by Blink 182.

JOJO: Oh, she’s good. She’s good.


JOJO: Okay, once again, from the TV show “Roswell,” Majandra Delfino, who plays Maria, is here. Do you like the in studio audience? I know they’ve been treating you pretty good & everything.

MAJANDRA: Definitely.

JOJO: Are you guys having an okay time?


JOJO: Get closer in here, you guys. Come on over here so we can hear you yell in the microphone. All right, Majandra, it’s a tough job, so why don’t you go ahead and introduce.what number? Number four. So, do your thing.

MAJANDRA: All right. It’s “Say My Name” [seductively] by Destiny’s Child.

JOJO: Oh, that’s.Wow! I’ve heard some guest deejays, but that’s hot.


[Note: Missing 30 seconds of interview here – just a reintroduction of Majandra after a song]

JOJO: Are you there, uh, Tina?

CALLER: Yeah. Hello.

JOJO: Hey, Tina! Say ‘hi’ to Majandra on KIIS FM.

CALLER: I totally love your show.

MAJANDRA: Oh, thank you.

CALLER: Oh my gosh. And I think you’re a great actress and have a beautiful voice.

MAJANDRA: Oh, thanks.

CALLER: I was just wondering, is it true-there’s a rumor going around-that you have a record deal?

MAJANDRA: Yes, this is true.

CALLER: That’s so cool.

MAJANDRA: I’m working on music. However, it’s nothing like what Maria sang. That was a Phil Collins remake, so I’m really not going in that direction. But yeah.

JOJO: So, the record deal is done? You have the deal?

MAJANDRA: Yeah, I have the deal, so to speak. [in studio audience cheers] But I don’t know, like, when I’ll actually be releasing it. It’s just too far in the future for me.

JOJO: How many tracks are done right now?

MAJANDRA: How many, like, songs?

JOJO: Yeah.


JOJO: Hmm, you’re, like, rolling with it.


JOJO: How many in progress now? Do you have some written that you haven’t recorded?

MAJANDRA: Oh, I have written like thirty songs. I spit them out like a machine. But.but.however, I don’t know if I’ll be using all of them or that sort of thing. So it’s cool though, because it’s a very creative thing for me, as opposed to acting, which is like you kind of doing what other people tell you to do sort of thing.

JOJO: Someone else’s words.

MAJANDRA: Someone else’s words, someone else’s directions. This is like my little babies.

JOJO: Or the songs? I guess to get a record deal you have to have so many tracks to present to the record label and you’ve already recorded x amount of songs.

MAJANDRA: Like, you gotta keep showing what you’re doing, so they don’t back out on you or whatever. It’s kinda like always an iffy situation.

JOJO: I got, um, some lyrics I’d like you to check out and tell me if you liked them.


JOJO: Just hypothetically speaking, if this song were to be written, I think it would be really good. ‘You and me, baby, ain’t nothing but mammals. We can do it like they do it on the Discovery Channel.’ You think that would work in a song at all?

MAJANDRA: Um, I’ve heard it.

JOJO: Okay, so?

MAJANDRA: But I don’t think it really works.

JOJO: You don’t think it works?

MAJANDRA: But who am I to say?

JOJO: You know, that song.Uh.What’s your stuff like? Your lyrics-are they, like, kinda heavy? You said Bjork on the radio. You have like an eclectic kinda-

MAJANDRA: It’s nothing like Bjork, at all.

JOJO: But she’s inspirational to you?

MAJANDRA: Yeah, she’s just like the Beatles are, but I don’t think I could ever copy them.

JOJO: But.you know.But inspirations-


JOJO: You’re like inspired by, like, 15 different people and then your own kinda creation and then out comes what you do.

MAJANDRA: Yes, exactly.

JOJO: Right on.

MAJANDRA: God knows what’ll be the product, but-

JOJO: We’re getting kinda heavy with Majandra. Sorry. I never get heavy, but you seem like a real intense kinda person, so it’s easy to go there.

MAJANDRA: Oh, you can get heavy with me.

JOJO: Oh, right on then. Well, introduce number three. This is the song I was talking about, so go ahead and do it, Majandra, please.

MAJANDRA: Okay, this is “The Bad Touch” by the Bloodhound Gang.

JOJO: Also referred to as “The Mammal Song,” if you want to call it that. Majandra is in the studio from “Roswell.”


JOJO: All right, it’s JOJO on the radio and number two on JOJO’s Top 5 at 9. Majandra Delfino, who plays Maria on the “Roswell.” Can we have some love for Majandra? [in studio audience claps] We clap a lot here. And, yeah, okay, cool. Uh, number two.Majandra, go ahead and let it rip there.

MAJANDRA: “Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely” by The Backstreet Boys.

JOJO: If you want to talk to Majandra, hurry up and call. She’s going to be here for a little more time.


JOJO: All right. 102.7 KIIS FM. It’s JOJO on the radio. All right. Majandra, who plays Maria on “Roswell.” Are you having a fun time? Are you okay?

MAJANDRA: I’m doing well.

JOJO: We’re having these conversations, and normally I’m pretty, like, oh, my brain is half not here. I’m, like, tweaked. But with you, I’m, like, getting kinda.I’m acting kinda—

MAJANDRA: Kinda deep.

JOJO: I’m getting kinda deep, and it’s frightening me. But I hope I’m not scaring you off.

MAJANDRA: Oh, no, no, no.

JOJO: Good.

MAJANDRA: I just gotta leave early.

JOJO: JOJO, I have to go. No offense to you.

MAJANDRA: You know, something to do.

JOJO: But this girl has a question. Are you there? Kelsey, you there?

CALLER: Yeah, hi!

JOJO: What’s up?

CALLER: Nothing much.

JOJO: Cool. Say “hi” to Majandra.

CALLER: Hi, Majandra.


JOJO: What’s the question you have for her now?

CALLER: Yeah, I need to know if you thought Brendan was cute the first time you saw him.

MAJANDRA: No! I didn’t like him at all. He just really rubbed me the wrong way, and, um, I just.I couldn’t even start thinking about his looks at a time like that because I wanted to murder him. So, um, no. That would be my answer. I was actually most taken by Nick Weschler, the kid who plays, um. Wexler [pronounces it wrong].Who’s he? Last name? What a terrible friend.

JOJO: Oh, shame on you.

MAJANDRA: I’m foreign; I’m not from this country.

CALLER: Is it the one who plays-

MAJANDRA: That plays Kyle Valenti.


MAJANDRA: He was just, like.Wow! He was the person who I was like, “My goodness me!”

JOJO: Oooh, girl, stop.

MAJANDRA: Mmmm, hello!

JOJO: Any more questions or is that pretty much it?

CALLER: No, that’s it.

JOJO: Good job.

CALLER: All right.

JOJO: Say ‘bye’ to Majandra.

CALLER: Bye, Majandra.



JOJO: Let’s go to Line 17. Yo, Arlene, are you there?


JOJO: You’re live on KIIS FM. Say ‘hello’ to Majandra.

CALLER: Hello, Majandra.


CALLER: How are you?

MAJANDRA: I’m good, and you?

CALLER: I’m doing good. Thanks.

MAJANDRA: Oh, good.

JOJO: What’s your question you got for her?

CALLER: My question is.my question is if you always get along with the rest of the cast members?

MAJANDRA: Yes, I do.

CALLER: Always?

MAJANDRA: Yes, always. It’s kinda strange.

CALLER: That’s good.

MAJANDRA: I think if we all went to school together, we would have found each other and been like a clique.

CALLER: Oh, yeah?


JOJO: That’s a good thing because if you’re going to work everyday with the same people.

MAJANDRA: Oh, yeah, it is great.

JOJO: Like here, Valentine, me and him, we hate each other.

MAJANDRA: Oh, yeah.

JOJO: No, just kidding [laughing].

MAJANDRA: I’ve heard.

JOJO: No, but you and the cast get along really well and stuff like that??

MAJANDRA: Yeah, really well.

JOJO: How about the guys who hold the microphones and cameras and the director? You all good with those guys too?

MAJANDRA: Oh, yeah, yeah. Work is so much fun. It’s kinda bad because I have to keep reminding myself this is a job. You know? Stop laughing.

JOJO: You ever had a TV or film experience that wasn’t as pleasant?

MAJANDRA: I’ve actually been really blessed, like, in that field. I’ve really always had a really great crew and cast, and always a good time, but this one is a little, cuz there’s so many kids that it’s so much fun.

JOJO: This is like the cream of the crop for you?

MAJANDRA: Yeah, definitely.

JOJO: Right on. What.Like, you have some other stuff–speaking of other projects. You were in a couple of movies, like three new features coming out I believe.

MAJANDRA: Yeah, they were independent.they are still [chortles].

JOJO: Right on. Nothing wrong with that. What do you play in those?

MAJANDRA: Um, okay one is called “The Secret Life of Girls.” That went straight to video. It went though the festival route, and it went straight to video. It’s in Blockbuster now.

JOJO: Excellent.

MAJANDRA: And that is all about a girl in 1973, and it’s a coming-of-age sort of thing. She’s a fifteen year old girl, kind of a dork.

JOJO: Now, do you play the lead in that one?


JOJO: You’re the.you’re the dork?

MAJANDRA: The girl.the dork.

JOJO: She’s the dork! Yes, right on!

MAJANDRA: And still am!

JOJO: Yeah.


JOJO: Okay, that’s one of the features, now what’s the second one?

MAJANDRA: It’s called “The Learning Curve,” and it’s kind of like a movie, kinda like a parody, but not, you know, so obvious, about the music industry and all the weird stuff that goes on. It makes fun of the Vanilla Ice incident where he got, like, you know, held out the window by Shug Knight.

JOJO: I heard about that.

MAJANDRA: Well, that, we don’t know if that happened, but it makes fun of it if it did. And just a lot of stuff people say happened, and has a story if, like, it did.

JOJO: Did you make that movie before you started shopping for the record deal?

MAJANDRA: Um, no, I don’t think so.

JOJO: So you knew firsthand what goes on in the record industry before you made the actual.

MAJANDRA: Oh, yeah, I’ve been involved in singing since I was eleven. I had, like, a Polygram deal when I was thirteen with my three best friends. You know, like, I’ve always has something in that field going on.

JOJO: I’ll be danged. Wow! Okay, and the last movie I saw, what about the spoof on the horror movie?

MAJANDRA: Oh, “I Know What You Screamed Last Summer.”

JOJO: “I Know What You Screamed Last Summer.” Is it going to be like a total theater release or independent route?

MAJANDRA: You know, I don’t even know. I’m such a bad follow-up person. I don’t know what’s happened to it.

JOJO: Well, I’m throwing you off guard.

JOJO: No, no, no. It’s okay. This always happens to me. I’m always like ‘I don’t know what’s happened to it.’ I was done filming, so I’m done.

JOJO: But the main thing, of course, is “Roswell.” And the time it’s going to be on, and the station and all that stuff? Plug your show and when it’s going to be on.

MAJANDRA: Wednesday nights on the WB at 9 pm.

JOJO: “Roswell,” you guys, “Roswell!” [in studio audience claps] All right, the number one song on JOJO’s Top 5 at 9-we’re going to do that coming up next and Majandra Delfino is going to hang out for a little bit more and then she has to take off, because she’s got, like, a way early call, so get your telephone rings in now. Okay, cool!


JOJO: Live in the studio, she’s signing autographs, now she’s placing the headphones on her head, from the TV show “Roswell,” Majandra Delfino, who plays Maria. [in studio audience cheers] Okay, Majandra, we’ve got some people who want to ask you some questions here. Okay, where’d she go? Pamela, Pamela, are you there?

CALLER: Yeah, I’m right here.

JOJO: You’re live on KIIS. Say ‘hi’ to Majandra from “Roswell.”

CALLER: Hi! First I want to say I love your show. And my question is: how has being on show, like, changed your life? Is it more exciting now that you’re on TV?

MAJANDRA: Well, I was on TV once before, and it was on a bigger network, meaning more viewers watched. So on “Roswell,” while we only get 3.7 million viewers, on this TV show, we’d get 14 million viewers. So, it was a lot more different then, because I was constantly being noticed; as opposed to now, it’s a little more low-key.

JOJO: What TV show was it?

MAJANDRA: It was called the “Tony Danza Show”. It didn’t last long, but it, like, lasted long in the sense they aired it in the span of a long time, but only 5 episodes were aired. It was really crazy. It’s called preempting. So granted, that’s a lot. So then it got cancelled, that’s what happens. So that was more crazy in that sense.

JOJO: When you walk around now, do you think people are like-

MAJANDRA: Oh, like, I’ll go to the mall with Brendan, people will swarm to him, and they will say to his face, “I watch the show every week!” and they’ll look right at me and have no clue that it’s me, no clue.

JOJO: Yeah, sure you watch the show every week.

MAJANDRA: No, they will. They’ll watch the show every week, but they just can’t because my hair isn’t flipped up and I’m not in the alien uniform that I work in at the Crashdown, they, like, have no clue. It’s pretty strange. It’s cool though, because you can have, like, a normal life probably forever, but like-

JOJO: As the show grows and grows and grows, that luxury is probably going to end, and that’s a cool thing, you know.

MAJANDRA: Yeah, and also I think it’s just ‘cuz I look so different than I do on TV

JOJO: You do that on purpose? Just kinda like to have a low-key kinda thing?

MAJANDRA: Well, yeah, my character’s gotta be very like spunky and funky and that whole thing. So, in real life, I’m a little.I don’t do my hair and make-up like I’m going on TV.

JOJO: Yeah, why would you do that?

MAJANDRA: Exactly. I like walk around the mall as Maria.

JOJO: It’s me, people, it’s me.

MAJANDRA: Like, ‘Hi! Notice me.’

JOJO: Right on. Do you dig doing the whole TV thing? You seem like you enjoy it, but you have, like.there’s two people: the TV person and then there’s you. And like-

MAJANDRA: Oh, yeah.

JOJO: You seem very personal-private’s the word I’m looking for-are you like a private person? I’m trying to read you here. You’re a tough book to read.

MAJANDRA: People always tell me that. I always think I’m being so straightforward, but, hmm, whatever.

JOJO: I hear a dog keep barking. Is that your dog, Pamela? Are you there, Pamela?

CALLER: Yeah, I’m right here.

JOJO: Do you have a dog that’s barking.

CALLER: Yeah, I have four dogs.

JOJO: My God!

CALLER: And two rabbits, too.

JOJO: Do they ever eat the rabbits?

CALLER: No, no, no, no.

JOJO: No, okay.

MAJANDRA: Should [?].

JOJO: Right on. Well, we better roll, but say ‘bye’ there, Pamela.

CALLER: Bye! Oh, can I get an autograph picture?

MAJANDRA: Oh, yes.

JOJO: Hang on, let me get my intercom system…’Line 14, autograph.’ One second, Pamela. All right, hang on a second. Line 13-before we go to the number one song-Caroline, are you there?


JOJO: All right, you’re live on KIIS FM with Majandra. What would you like to ask Majandra?

CALLER: Um, first of all I just want to say that on Saturday I was at, um, LA at the thingie, where we, like, got to go to the sets and you were there.

MAJANDRA: Oh, the Roswellian gathering.


MAJANDRA: The Roswellian gathering.

CALLER: Yeah, and I just wanted to say that you looked so cute.

MAJANDRA: Oh, thank you.

CALLER: Your hair looked really cute.


CALLER: And I was wondering is Brendan, like, always really shy?

MAJANDRA: Uh, I don’t know, did you think he was shy?

CALLER: Yeah he did, and I don’t know, almost as if he was afraid of the cameras or something.

MAJANDRA: Oh that’s an act. No, um, I dunno, I don’t ever see him as shy, and I didn’t see him as shy that night either. But, um, I think it was because he was really tired and sunburnt, and had just played in a baseball game, so he was kind of um, just, like, run down.

CALLER: And, then, also, you guys looked really comfortable together. Do you guys do a lot of stuff together?

MAJANDRA: Yeah, we hang out a lot.

CALLER: That’s cool.

MAJANDRA: Yeah [laughs].

JOJO: And this is the guy that you said when you first saw him, you were like-

MAJANDRA: [groans]

JOJO: You were like, “Oh, dude.”

MAJANDRA: Oh, not when I first saw him, when I first talked to him.


MAJANDRA: I was like, ‘Oh my God, this is going to be hell.

JOJO: You know, does he wear that cowboy hat all the time?

MAJANDRA: He used to. I don’t.I haven’t seen him wear it.

JOJO: That Colby thing, I saw him.I think I saw him two times.I’ve seen him just a couple of times.both times, he has that cowboy hat on.

MAJANDRA: That’s like.yeah.he hasn’t been wearing it often.

JOJO: Oh, I dunno. Now I can’t picture him without a cowboy hat.

MAJANDRA: I think happened was, he, like, was really into the cowboy-this is what I think, you know he’ll probably tell me I’m wrong.

JOJO: Oh God. Listen up, Brendan.

MAJANDRA: He was really into the cowboy hat thing, and that was like his own original thing in a way. And then, like, you come to LA and everybody’s now wearing the cowboy hat. Have you noticed that? There’s the pink cowboy hat, the tiger cowboy hat. You know what I’m saying? All the sequin ones. So, he was just like, “Wow, this is just like everyone’s biting me,” so he just took it off. You know?

JOJO: It wrecked his life.

MAJANDRA: Yeah, it wrecked his life. Now there’s pink ones and blue ones.

JOJO: Sorry, Brendan, dude.

MAJANDRA: He couldn’t compete.

JOJO: He’s a nice guy. Tell him I said ‘hello.’


JOJO: And.But let’s do the number one song. And this, uh.By the way she is not dating Justin–

MAJANDRA: Justin [laughs].

JOJO: Justin of NSync. But she is going to introduce NSync if you don’t mind, Majandra. So go ahead whenever you’re set just do your thingie over there.

MAJANDRA: It’s “Bye, Bye, Bye” by NSync. My favorite. [Note: I think she’s being sarcastic]

JOJO: You know, that’s.that was amazing. Unbelievable.


JOJO: All right. 102.7 KIIS FM. JOJO on the radio. And from the TV show “Roswell,” she plays Maria, Majandra is here. We just had like a killer conversation off the air about grubbing. I like to grub and you like to grub.

MAJANDRA: Yes, I do.

JOJO: I wanna.we have to go grub somewhere.


JOJO: Sometime. And if I were to get the station credit card where do you want me.where do you want to go?

MAJANDRA: Uh, Mr. Chow’s.

JOJO: Ooho! Mr. Chow’s.

MAJANDRA: You like that joint.

JOJO: I love that joint. I went over with some friends one time who were picking up the check and I don’t want to say how much it was, but it was some crank.it’s like the Beverly Hills, I’ll give it a tough-

MAJANDRA: It’s worth it, am I right?

JOJO: It’s awesome.

MAJANDRA: It’s so worth it. They could.well-

JOJO: It’s unbelievable.

MAJANDRA: And they charge extra.

JOJO: They charge way extra. It was the bomb, but I’m sitting there, and I’m not making this up, in the same night I saw, uh, Tobey Maguire, who in Cider House Rules


JOJO: Walk in. I saw, I think it was Madonna’s manager, someone pointed out. I saw Sally Struthers, the lady, you know. And then, Sylvester Stallone walks out.

MAJANDRA: Oh, wow! That’s funny. See when I.all the times that I’ve gone, I’ve made sure that it’s like, you know, cuz I’ve been going to the one in New York since I was little. From Miami, everytime we would go to New York we’d go visit that one. That’s why it’s like an obsession. And then I came here. In New York, it had its heyday in the 70s. And of course, everybody here is just catching on to it, so it’s now huge, and we.it kinda scares us, so I always make sure that, you know, it’s on a unbusy night, but I did see Richard Simmons.

JOJO: No, you did not!

MAJANDRA: He was so funny. It was exciting for me.

JOJO: Are you kidding me? Did he make.Like was he really loud when he ordered and stuff?

MAJANDRA: He was, like, all over the place. He like knew everyone in there. He was like walking and ‘hi!’ and like this and that. I was like ‘oh, jeez’

JOJO: I wish I could have seen that on tape. Well, good lord. Cheryl, are you there?

CALLER: I’m here.

JOJO: All right. We gotta put you to the test.

[NOTE: Omitted text from JOJO Top 5 at 9 Test]

JOJO: Hey, do you watch the TV show “Roswell”? Just say ‘yes,’ don’t embarrass me.

CALLER: Yes, I do.

JOJO: Right on. No for real-

MAJANDRA: With such conviction.

JOJO: Have you seen the show for real?


JOJO: Oh my god!


JOJO: Your new assignment.Majandra, tell her the assignment to watch tomorrow night.

MAJANDRA: Are you ready for your assignment?

CALLER: I’m ready.

MAJANDRA: Wednesday nights at 9 o’clock on the WB.

CALLER: I will watch it.

JOJO: Now don’t make me come over there, okay?

CALLER: I won’t.

JOJO: I’ll embarrass you and your whole crew. All right, Cheryl, hold on one second.


JOJO: I guess it’s time for you to roll. What time do you have to be at the set tomorrow? Like four?

MAJANDRA: No, not that early tomorrow.

JOJO: Oh, we’re still on the radio, so pull that mike. See, there, oh!

MAJANDRA: 6 a.m. I, like, don’t want to tell anyone.

JOJO: Early, early. See, anytime before noon-

MAJANDRA: But the thing is that you have to wake up, give yourself time to drive there. So I usually get up around 4:30.

JOJO: Are you kidding? You’re lying.


JOJO: You poor thing.

MAJANDRA: You caught me.

JOJO: Well thank you for hanging out, okay.

MAJANDRA: Oh, thank you.

JOJO: And I’ll have to take you to Mr. Chow’s.

MAJANDRA: It’s was a pleasure getting deep with you.

JOJO: Was it really ‘cuz, you know, I never get deep. You know when your buddy Wilmer [Note: actor who plays Fez on “That 70s Show”] came in, we never get deep. We’re always like a couple of freaks, a couple of losers, but when you came in you took me to this deep place

MAJANDRA: you didn’t even know it was possible. I know.

JOJO: I know, I didn’t know. It was kinda heavy. I feel like I’ve grown thanks to you coming into the studio, Majandra.

MAJANDRA: You complete me.

JOJO: You complete me. Yes, and you guys have a good time at all?


JOJO: They’re cool. They’re going to take some pictures with you, is that okay? Like a couple of Polaroids and stuff.

MAJANDRA: That’s all right with me.

JOJO: Yeah. Well, okay, cool. Majandra Delfino from the show “Roswell.” Watch the TV show! And I love you, I love you, I love you! And I didn’t even ask to see your toes. I did not even ask. I know you’re like a.nobody messes with your toes.

MAJANDRA: Oh! I cannot stand it when people touch my toes.

JOJO: Let me make a note. Next time you come in-

MAJANDRA: I hate when JOJO touches my toes.

JOJO: Don’t touch her toes. Note to self. Okay, cool.



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