Roswell Addicts Unite!

Thanks to Kathy for sending this in!



There’s a rumor going around that’s got a lot of people shaking their mouse pads. What could be so frightening? Nothing less than the rumored
end-of-season cancellation of Roswell, whose low ratings has led the WB to move the show to Mondays at post-7th Heaven 9 p.m. The mysterious rumor (the WB has made no official statements about canceling the show, although it is common knowledge that they are disappointed by the cast and plotlines) have led a number of hard core fans to start a grassroots save Roswell effort called Operation Tobasco (after Max and co.’s favorite condiment). The group is calling for all fans and casual viewers to send letters, e-mails, petitions, and (natch) Tabasco sauce to the WB higher-ups asking them to keep the show on the air another season. Hey, we say good luck to them, since in our opinion an hour spent drooling over Brendan Fehr is an hour VERY well spent!


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