Transcript of WB20 Cast Interview

Thanks to X for sending this in!

Lead in:
(Catt Sadler, WB entertainment reporter speaking to news anchor Cheryl Hurd)

CS: Okay, before you go anywhere, Cheryl, I got a question for you. Do you believe in UFO�s?

CH: You know, I kind of do.

CS: You kind of do?

CH: Yeah, I think I do.

CS: Well, I�m not sure how I feel about it quite yet, but check this out. Look at the cover of this Life Magazine. (Holds up current issue for the camera). It�s got the cast of the WB�s hit sci-fi show, Roswell, on the cover. How do they feel about the possibility of extra-terrestrial existence? I went to Tinseltown to find out.

(Shows scene in Independence Day where Max and Isabel follow Michael out of the CrashDown Caf� after Michael found out that Max told Isabel about Hank giving him a black eye.)

Isabel: What are you going to do? Pretend it didn�t happen? You have to do something.

Michael: Like what?

(CS voiceover: For this small town in New Mexico, life on Earth is anything but normal for its teens and for its teen aliens.� Cut to scene of Liz getting ready to do a scene.)

Director: And roll please!

CS: The show is Roswell and the actors in the sci-fi show each have a unique take on alien life.

(View of Michael sitting next to a blonde with short curls across the table from Max in a booth at the CrashDown Caf�. Note: The blonde had her head turned away from the camera, but it was definitely not Maria.)

CS: How�s alien life treating you?

(Close up of Brendan Fehr)

BF: Um� what? You mean living in L.A.?

CS: Actor Brendan Fehr on the possibility of extra-terrestrial existence.

BF: There�s a possiblility that they exist. I don�t think you can deny that. Whether they do or not? Um, I don�t know. I don�t say �cause I — I don�t like to be wrong.
I never think in terms of , you know, I�m playing an alien. Are they real? Is someone gonna contact me?

CS laughs

BF: I just think of it if — I think of it � I�m playing an alien� I�m playing one�

(Cut to the scene in Independence Day where Max and Michael are talking to each other at the train tracks and Max heals Michael�s eye.)

CS: On Roswell, he plays, if you can imagine, the outcast alien Michael. But perhaps most viewers are most sympathetic to the alien we�ve grown to love, Max. He�s played by actor Jason Behr.

(Close up of Jason)

JB: Until we have, like, actual proof, like sitting down right in front of you, talking to you, there�s no real way to say, that�s a fact. You have to at least lend yourself to the idea of it. If — if you completely shut that out and don�t believe it, I think that you�re — you�re missing a lot of — of what�s available for — for this show.

(Cut to scene of Max with his arm draped casually around Liz in a booth at the CrashDown, absently kissing the top of her head. Liz is leaning into his shoulder. She and Max react with laughter to a comment from an unseen person sitting across the table from them.)

CS voiceover: On the show, actress Shiri Applebee plays Liz, who dares to date alien Max.

(Close up of Shiri)

CS: Would you consider dating an alien?

SA: Um, you know, if he was as nice as Jason, I�d have to consider it! (Big smile) You know, I don�t know whether or not aliens exist or not. I — I�m in no position to even to say. Granted, working on this show, you — you have to think that something is — else is out there. It�s somewhat ignorant of us to say that we�re the only creatures out there. But at the same time, like, growing up, everyone feels a little bit like an alien and a little bit out of place and not exactly sure who they are or where they fit in. the entire spectrum of — high school, even.

(Cut to scene in Independence Day where Maria is wiping away Michael�s tears in her bedroom and leading him to her bed.)

CS: And maybe even the most developed theory of all is that of actress Majandra (she pronounced it Majandro) Delfino, playing a non-alien teenager, Maria.

(Close up of Majandra)

MD: I kind of have this, like, belief that, like, we go to like, Mars or whatever, you know we may travel to you know, whatever — moons — and we see, like, nothing but, like, you know, land. And they come on Earth and they see nothing but land because it�s all occurring in, like, different dimensions. Do you follow?

(Cut to Catt back at the news station, chuckling)

CS: Do you follow? Sounds like a fair enough theory. Don�t forget you can see Roswell right here on WB20, Wednesdays at 9 o�clock.


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