Colin Hanks Transcript on Good Morning America

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This may not be exact…I did my best….

1st Introduction: We are going to talk to a young actor, who is beginning to make a name for himself his last name is Hanks(picture of Colin and his dad) . Not that Hanks, it’s his son, who is an actor and we will talk to him in a few moments.

2nd Introduction: Coming next, there is a Hanks in the movie business. Surprised? Colin Hanks. Meet him when Good Morning America continues, next.

**Interviewer : (I) Colin: (C)**

(I) I want to introduce to you now to an actor that many are saying is one to watch. He is seen each week on the youth oriented, hit show Roswell on television. And he is in a new movie that we are going to talk to you about. His name is Colin Hanks. It is good to have you with us.

(C) Thank you for having me.

(I) As a young actor. Just starting out, with still relatively small parts, you are getting an awful lot of attention. Do you know why?

(C) Yeah, I got a good idea.

(I) Why do you think?

(C) Yeah, well, you know, well, it’s not everyday that a big actor’s son comes out and decides to act. (Picture of Tom Hanks)

(I) You have got a son? (laughter)

(C) No, no. But you know when Tom Hank’s kid decides to get into acting….

(I) Oh, you are Tom Hank’s kid?

(C) Yeah. (laughing)

(I) Oh, jeesh, the producers didn’t even tell me.

(C) See, they didn’t tell you. That’s why I am here. That’s why I am here. (laughing)

(I) Are you an actor Colin, because of or insipte of the last name?

(C) Ummm, that’s a good question. A little bit of both actually. I mean i wouldn’t necassarily say that I am an actor because he is. I mean this is what I wanted to do regardless. And I would never do something to just to sort of ride on the coat tails of that. I mean that is kind of petty. I wouldn’t want to do that. I mean this is the only thing that I am really good at. Is acting. I enjoy it. It’s what I want to do with my life. And the fact that he is he is also doing it too, it can be a little….

(I) He is still doing it?

(C) He is still doing it. He is definately still doing it. I mean its not inspite of, and I do not have anything to prove and I am not trying to follow in his foot steps, I am just trying to make a living, you know, doing what I want to do.

(I) Would it be easier, this might sound a little strange, would it be easier to change your last name? I mean actors change their names all the time, if you changed it to Jones?

(C) You know, I thought about doing it. But I thought it might be more of a sign that I might be trying to run away from something. You know, cause some people ask why didn’t you change your name? Cause if I change my name then some people may assume that I am trying to hide from that. And I am not trying to hide from that at all.

(I) Well, but what strikes me as a problem is that some poeple might expect you as a clone. That they would say that we need a young Tom Hanks. Ah, I know where to get him and then all of the sudden you are type cast or forsed to be somebody’s image of you, which is a young Tom Hanks.

(C) Yeah well, I can’t help it. It’s sort of in the genes. You know, the similiarities. Maybe not only the way I look, but maybe the way I talk and other mannerisms. I mean that comes down to straight genes, I am sure you were a lot like your father when he was your age. So I can’t escape that. So you know the bottom line is to find work that I enjoy and not try and copy him.

(I) In the new movie called “The Thing You Do.”

(C) “That Thing You Do.”

(I) “That Thing You Do.” And,oh, that was the movie that he wrote and directed.

(C) Yes.

(I) That was your first break.

(C) Yes. In a sense.

(I) He put you in a movie he was directing.

(C) Yeah, he threw me a little bone. He put me in two scenes, sort of and then he cut the big one. (laughter) And then I was in a much much smaller scene. I can’t even call it a scene, it was more so just a shot of me walking Liv Tyler up the stairs. And that was it.

(I) Well Dad, thanks. This new movie that you are in the name of it is…

(C) “Get Over It.”

(I) “Get Over It.” In it you play a friend of a young man who has been dumped.

(C) Yes.

(I) You feel it is, prehaps a good tonic for him to take him out for the evening. To a strip club.

(C) Yeah, well, a gentlemen’s bar is another way to say it. (Laughter)

**Strip Club Clip***

(I) (Laughing) And scramble for the exit. I suspect it’s hard, you are now in your young twenties.

(C) Twenty-three.

(I) Twentie-three. To be back playing a teenager because things change so fast.

(C) Well yeah that is one of the most interesting things. I am obviously twentie-three years old but I do not look a day older than sixteen. And its weird because, you know, I went to high school a couple of years ago, not that long ago. But already I feel so much older than high school students than when I was in high school. Boy bands were not popular at all and pop was not that big. And now it’s huge. So it’s interesting.

(I) Colin Hanks great success to you.

(C) Thank you very very much for having me. (Applause)