Howie D Discusses Roswell With KIIS (JoJo)

Thanks so much to SWEET5892 for sending this snippet of an interview with Howie D from Backstreet Boys with JoJo on L.A.’s KIIS FM radio station.

JOJO: That pretty much covers it as far as music goes…now you did some
acting on the tv show Roswell…any more uh….any more episodes of that you
gonna be in?

Howie: Well, I actually was the cliff hanger for the last episode of Roswell
last season, and I’m talking with management and everything right now, trying
to figure out during our off time if it’s possible to do another episode or
two…especially since I supposedly introduced this new alien life form on
the last episode, so uh….

JOJO: Dude, that would be cool!

Howie: It might be very interesting to see me back on that show again so I’m
looking forward to it.

JOJO: So is it safe to say we’ll see you on Roswell and maybe some other tv
shows as well?

Howie: Definitely, definitely. I’m actually taking some meetings out here in
LA, and uh, checking with some different casting directors and producers, and
you know, just fill in that off-time, you know.