We’re famous! Crashdown folks quoted in UTV article!

Props to our very own Mandy, who co-wrote this article!

From “Ultimate TV”:

Save Our Shows: Grassroots Gets Digital
Wed, Mar 22, 2000 07:20 PM PST

by Cheryl Klein and Mandy McCarthy
UltimateTV News



Fans of alien angst want The WB to know that, while their show may not be on the charts, it is out of this world. No less than 1100 bottles of Tabasco sauce (a favorite condiment of the alien trio) have arrived at the water tower.

Canadian journalist Fionna Boyle, who runs Save Our Show: Help Bring Roswell Back, says the message to execs is: “Roswell is hot!”

Roswellians have also been flooding network and media Web sites, including UltimateTV, with messages about the show’s possible demise. Again, it’s all about demographics. “‘Roswell’ is unique on The WB, in that it draws in a diverse audience. There are lots of professionals, and older fans who love ‘Roswell,’ in addition to their core audience” says Darien Wilson, webmaster of Crashdown.

Executive producer Jonathon Frakes says he was pleasantly surprised to read an article about the campaign in Tuesday’s edition of New York Daily News. “It’s so nice to see fans getting behind this show and wanting to make it succeed for us,” Frakes says.