Diane Farr on Her Part in Roswell

Thanks to ALieN ISaBel for sending this in!

“The show follows these six kids and I play one of their mothers. It’s absolutely hysterical. It’s so fun because I play this offbeat, new age, hippy mother who’s dating the sheriff, a nemesis, on the show. I’m supposed to have had her at 15 and she’s supposed to be 15 now. In real life, she and I are about 8 years apart.” {laughs} “It’s the first daughter I’ve ever had. I might have had a one year, but I got a 15 year old.”

The college years…

“In college, I started in a pre-law major and got bored with that really quickly. So I transferred back into the theatre department and here we are today!”

Go here for more of the interview, and for pictures.


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