Max To The Max – May 1 (Spoilers)

Monday, May 1 – (9:00 – 10:00 pm ET)
“Max to the Max” TV-PG, D, V
CAPTURED! � Deciding that FBI agent Pierce (guest star David
Conrad) must die, the shape-shifting alien Nasedo masquerades as
Max (Jason Behr) and kidnaps Liz (Shiri Appleby) in an attempt to
trick Pierce into revealing himself. When both Sheriff Valenti (William
Sadler) and the real Max follow Nasedo to rescue Liz, Max is finally
captured by the FBI. Meanwhile, Tess (guest star Emilie De Ravin)
tries to convince Max, Michael (Brendan Fehr) and Isabel (Katherine
Heigl) that they are destined to be together to propagate their
species. Majandra Delfino and Colin Hanks also star. Patrick Norris
directed the episode written by Toni Graphia (#1ADA19).