Roswell Fans Burn to Save Show

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‘ Roswell ‘ fans burn to save fave show
Ted Cox TV/Radio critic

Chicago Daily Herald
Page 37
(Copyright 2000)
Down the tube: The struggling teen-aliens drama ” Roswell ” moves to a
new time at 8 p.m. Mondays on WGN Channel 9 next week. The show’s fans have put a unique spin on the usual “save that show” letter- writing
campaign. They’re sending bottles of Tabasco sauce (favorite condiment
of aliens) to the Warner Bros. network. The WB says it has received
2,100 bottles so far, and they’re forwarding them to critics. (For the
record, I prefer the jalapeno-flavored green Tabasco, not the wimpier
green-pepper variety.)

That address again:
Susanne Daniels,
Entertainment President,
3701 Oak St., Bldg. 34R,
Burbank, Calif., 91522.


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