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“I’m kind of in my own little world a lot of the time,and its not that I don’t care, it’s just that’s the way itworks with me. I guess I would get accused of notbeing attentive enough but I am – just in my own way!” -On what kind of boyfriend he’d make in real life to TV Guide

Name: Brendan Fehr

Currently Starring In: Roswell on the WB Birthday: October 29, 1977 Place of Birth: New Westminster, BC Sign : Scorpio Family: Two sisters (both older), mom (a casemanager at a correctional facility), dad (a yacht manufacturer). His parents are divorced.

In another life he would be: A high school teacher Favorite Things: Fruity Pebbles, bowling, hockey,naps, and Metallica

Upcoming projects: Just signed on to star in Take My Life….Please with Selma Blair

Fan Mail: Brendan Fehr c/o Roswell Warner Bros. 4000 Warner Blvd Burbank, CA 91522

The Mothership Has Landed: Talk about beginner’s luck. Brendan- who never acted a day in his life – walked into a modeling agency in his native Vancouver, Canada, looking for a quick gig when “they basically just asked me to be on television,” says the modest Fehr. Soon after, he landed the sweet role of Michael, the brooding, Tabasco-swilling alien on Roswell.

Not-So-Bad Boy: Unlike Michael, you’d never catch Brendan doing time in after-school detention. The self-confessed “mama’sboy” admits he’s a follow the rules/color within the lines kinda guy: “I’ve never been drunk, neverdone drugs, and I’m still the big V.” Celeb Twin: On being compared to the guy on that other alien show: “A lot of people say that I look like David Duchovny, but I’m not gonna freak out over it.”

Phone Home: Brendan considers his buds from Canada his closest friends but sometimes has a hard time keeping in touch – he doesn’t own a cellie, a pager, or evenan answering machine!

Puppy Love: There’s nothing Brendan loves more than coming home and planting a big, sloppy kiss the current love of his life – his Rottweiler, Opa. OK, so what does he look for in girls of the non-drooling, non-canine variety? A sense of humor and someone who shares his religion and morals (he’s Mennonite).

Too Sexy for My Hair: There may be Web rings devoted to his sexy bed head, but you won’t catch his onscreen GF,

Majandra Delfino, swooning. “He’s a big dork,” jokes Majandra, “He never wears his hair like that. He’s a homebody who plays with his dog.” In the words of that other famous E.T., Oooouch.


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