Tv Guide Article: Roswell Star Reveals Paper Cut Drama

TV Guide
Roswell Star Reveals Paper Cut Drama
Tuesday, May 23, 2000

We’ve all heard that being an actor isn’t as glamorous as it seems, but for
Roswell’s Jason Behr stardom is downright painful. The actor tells TV Guide
Online that working on the cult hit has its ups and downs. “I have a lot
less sleep. I spend less time with family and friends and [get] a lot more paper cuts!” Paper cuts? “We get script changes all the time and we have to put in the new pages [ourselves] and I cut myself all the time.” Poor Behr better stock up on Band-Aids because Roswell is returning for another season – thanks in large part to viewer support. “It’s been tremendous,” he explains. “All the hot sauce that [the fans] sent in was very influential in getting the attention of the network. This one fan sent me a really cool hot-sauce leather holster. You don’t expect that kind of stuff.” His devoted fans can count on the show becoming more like The X-Files, with less emphasis on romance and high school. “They’re going to delve more into the mythology. The first season was more about getting to know the characters and the relationships, but the second season [the aliens] discover they have a much larger responsibility.” The 27-year-old plans to lay low during his hiatus. “I’m going to sleep a lot! We’re starting off early so the window of going out and working on something else is closing quickly,” he says. “I’m not going to work just for the sake of working. I want to wait it out and make sure that choice of film is the right one.” – Eddie Roche