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Nick Interview transcript from May 1, 2000

Thanks to MyAh for sending in this transcript. It is from KLUC in Vegas, on May 1, 2000.

DJ1: So Nick, were you out there at the Fashion Show Mall?
Nick: Yes, I was. Uh, yeah.
DJ2: Are you wearing Levi’s right now?
Nick: (paused, reluctant) Yes.
DJ2: OK, that’s a good answer!
DJ1: Yeah, b/c there’s a big promotion with the Lot53 clothing.
DJ1: (to caller) Did you get to meet Nick out there, Elaine?
Caller: Is that Kyle?
DJs: IT is Kyle!
Caller: Oh Kyle, I was the last one to get a picture of you.
DJ1: (to Nick) She says she was the last one to get the pictures. Remember her?
Nick: Oh… I…
DJ1: What do you look like, Elaine?
Caller: I was the oriental lady with the flower dress, with my daughter.
DJs: (whispering to Nick) Just say yes.
Nick: Oh yes! I remember you!
DJ1: There you go! Nice job!
DJ2: Absolutely!
Nick: Yeah! I do remember that! I do remember you saying, “But it’s my bday!” But we couldn’t… yeah, yeah, yeah… look, I’m telling you, so sorry I couldn’t…
Caller: I know. I understand you’re so sweet.
Nick: You understand I’m so sweet? *everyone laughs*
Caller: It wasn’t you. It’s the lady next to you.
DJ1: Oh yeah, it’s always the publicist. They get you everytime.
Caller: No, that’s OK. At least we took a picture together.
DJ1: Well there you go.
Nick: Yes, so what’re you complaining about? *everyone laughs*
Caller: No, I’m not complaining at all. I just didn’t get your signature.
DJ1: You know what? Nick’s just going to fit in just fine! (re: his last remark) Elaine, thanks for calling!
Caller: OK, thanks!
Nick: Bye!
DJ1: Where here talking with Nick Wechsler. He plays Kyle on the show. We’re going to talk with him in just a few minutes.

DJ1: We’re back with Nick Wechsler. He plays Kyle on Roswell on the WB. Which BTW, Nick, true story, that Las Vegas, from what we understand, is where your biggest audience is.
Nick: Yes.
DJ1: What I understand for the show Roswell, this is the hottest market in the country.
Nick: Yes, yes, one of the best ones.
DJ1: That’s fantastic! And congratulations b/c we heard from 2 weeks ago, that 7th Heaven returned with all new episodes, and with them as your lead in, like you guys have held the audience. When you have the number one show (on the WB) as the big lead in, you just gotta hope that they stay to watch your show.
Nick: Right, right.
DJ1: And if you don’t, that’s when the guys in the suits starts going, “Ahh, how about 11pm”, “Somebody call Nick in here”, “Has he signed that contract yet?”.
DJ2: “Throw in a girl-on-girl kissing scene soon b/c we have a problem…”
Nick: No, no, look, please!
DJ1: Yeah, if you don’t mind! Yeah, but congratulations b/c we understand you guys have held the audience, ’cause you know 7th Heaven have done really well. And a couple of weeks ago, you had the biggest audience for that time slot ever in WB’s history.
Nick: Yeah, I head something very similar. I just can’t even believe that fans have been there since the beginning, and they actually followed us. They have done some amazing things. I don’t know if you heard about sending Tabasco to…
DJs: No tell us. What about Tabasco?
Nick: They’ve sent in bucket loads of Tabasco to various offices affiliated with the WB, to say please keep Roswell on.
DJ2: Oh, b/c it’s hot.
Nick: Well yeah, and we have Tabasco in our show.
DJ1: You kind of have to walk us through it b/c I’ve only seen a part of an episode, so I’m still new to this. What I saw was great, and we know a lot of ppl who’re totally into this show.
DJ2: I know. I feel like such a square.
DJ1: Well, this is what you have to think about. “X-Files” started the same way. “The Simpsons” was something nobody knew about at one point in time. Shows like these that’s been on the air for a long time, and you guys right now are underneath that bubbling understage.
DJ3: A cult favorite that turns mainstream.
DJ1: Yeah, we understand ppl lined up (at Macy’s) at 5:00 in the morning to see you guys.
Nick: Oh really?
DJ2: I have emails from a load of ppl just saying, “Ooh, I love Roswell!” and “They’re so cute!”
Nick: You met with freaky ppl, the way they’re talking.
DJ1: Yeah, and they’re your fans!
DJ2: They’re just so excited. It’s amazing.
DJ1: They do that, though. You just heard Elaine (caller) just a minute ago.
Nick: They’re all singers.
DJ2: Absolutely! They’re all training to be opera singers.
DJ1: You come from a family with 8 kids? And all boys?
Nick: Yeah, yeah.
DJ1: I’m surprise you’re so soft spoken.
Nick: Not really. (hesitates) I did get my ass kicked by them a lot.
*everyone laughs*
DJ1: And he’s just merely afraid, I guess.
DJ3: One might just be an earshot, so you just gotta be nice now.
Nick: Yeah, 8 of them — you never know. Actually, they’re all living in Albuquerque.
DJ2: So where are you in the line up? Where do you stand?
Nick: I’m the 5th one.
DJ2: The 5th one. So, you’re a middle.
Nick: Ppl always say that to me. They always go, “So, where are you?” “I’m the 5th one.” Then they go, “The middle one, right?”
DJ2: Well, its kinda in the middle. I come from a family of 3, so that was easier to figure out, who was 1st, last, and middle.
DJ3: I understand you did a lot of high school playes really well. What did it say to you, “I’m going Hollywood”?
Nick: BTW, the bio you got — it cracks me up. That they actually put in there about the plays and I did a really good job, b/c I wrote a joke bio for them. And they say like I did plays…
DJ2: “…conceived at a Star Trek convention.”
Nick: That one was one character (I did), but whatever.
DJ1: What it actually say is, “Shortly after, he was cast as Trek, a child prodigy conceived at a ST convention.” Amy (DJ2) goes, “OMG, you’re a child prodigy?!”
DJ2: Yeah, I’m going to write your bio right now!
DJ3: Now that you mention it (the bio) was a joke, I, then, saw “Teen Knight Rider”. And I said, “No one will put that down for real.” *laughs* I’m sorry! Honestly, Nick, even though I’ve never seen Roswell, I’m your biggest fan.
Nick: Well, thanks!
DJ3: Nick has been one of the coolest guys we’ve ever had here. One of the most honest person I’ve ever known. I love this guy!
DJ1: Usually, ppl come through here trying to throw the schmoos on us, and they’re waiting for us to schmoos them, but it ain’t gonna happen. And Nick here, he’s like, “Yeah, whatever.” How is it with the family back home, b/c like you said, they probably kicked your ass a lot. You’re brothers now are probably like, “Oh, sure Mr. Big Actor guy…” B/c you know they gotta be proud of you.
Nick: Yeah, there’s a couple of times when they’ve bragged, and I’m like, “Alright, keep it down.” I understand. I’d be proud of them IF they ever accomplished anything. *everyone laughs hysterically
DJ2: Yeah, b/c they’re just big losers!
DJ1: If they ever can just get jobs.
DJ2: “Yeah, I’m really happy that you made your 100th oil change at Jiffy Lube!” *everyone claps*
DJ3: “Congratulations!”
DJ2: “You are my brother!”
DJ1: No, but seriously, do they still give you a lot of grief?
Nick: Yeah, they still jab me a little bit.
DJ3: “Mr. Hollywood”?
Nick: Yeah, I get that a little bit. I don’t know. It does bother me a bit, b/c I hear it from ppl I went to High School with, and they go, “Oh, so you went to Hollywood, Mr. Hollywood?”
DJ2: “So, hmm, going to all these Hollywood parties.”
DJ3: “Yeah, b/c I’m an actor and that’s where all the acting is.”
DJ1: “I did the local plays here in Albuquerque, now it’s time to move on.”
DJ2: “That was the Off-Off-Broadway in Albuquerque. Now, I’m moving on.”
DJ1: OK, hang on, a voice from your past. Go ahead mystery voice.
Caller: Hey Nick! It’s Wes!
Nick: What?
Caller: It’s Wes.
Nick: Wes who?
Caller: Wes Davies. I’m Kim’s brother!
DJ3: Kim Davies? Have you ever dated her?
Nick: Oh, oh wait… OK!
DJ1: Have you dated her? It says here you dated his sister.
DJ2: In the backseat of the…
Caller: No, no. He was just one of my sister’s friend.
DJ1: (jokingly) It says here that they’re still looking for you (Nick) for what you did to his sister.
Nick: I remember you now. You wore hats a lot, right?
DJ2: Why, don’t you have any hair?
Caller: (laughs) YES, I have hair.
Nick: Yes, he was balding even then.
DJ2: I was just checking. Well, I knew someone in High School that was balding, and he always wore hats. I need to ask the hard questions. I’m sorry!
DJ3: Was your sister balding?
Caller: No, my sister wasn’t balding.
DJ3: We’re just trying to remember here.
DJ1: What school did you go to?
Caller: Highland High School.
Nick: Yeah.
DJ2: So Nick, did you make out with…
Nick: Wes? No. *everyone laughs*
Caller: Hey Nick, I just wanted to say “Hi”. I gotta go b/c I have to get back to work. I’m sorry!
Nick: Awww, Wes! No! Well, thanks for catching up! No, no, thanks for stopping by, Wes.
Caller: Yeah, no problem.
Nick: Have a good day, bro.
DJ2: Bye!
DJ1: Poor guy calling in just to say “Hi”.
DJ3: “Tell your sister to call me if she’s ever in Hollywood!”
Nick: “Hey Nick, I just wanted to say,’I left a shirt at your house.'”
DJ1: Was his sister hot?
Nick: Well, I wasn’t attracted to her, but that’s not saying she wasn’t attractive. I really liked her a lot, b/c she was a good friend of mine.
DJ1: Sure. Right. And Wes was the geek of the family.
Nick: I remember Wes. He was a pretty cool kid. We never really hung out or anything…
DJ2: You know, he’s not waiting outside to kick your ass, so you can say whatever the heck you want!
DJ1: Yeah, don’t worry. We’ll walk you to your car. Hi Danielle, you’re with the Morning Zoo and Nick Wechsler from Roswell.
Caller: Hey Nick! I’m Danielle, we were the ones there (at Macy’s) at like 5:45 in the morning.
Nick: Oh, dear God.
Caller: Well, I just wanted to say thanks, b/c we had so much fun, and it was worth the 5 minutes we got to talk to you.
Nick: You bet! I’m amazing, so I’m glad… *everyone laughs*
DJ2: (to Nick) And your modest! That’s one of the things I like most about you.
Nick: She (DJ2) just keeps talking over me. I think…
DJ2: (jokingly) You wanna fight?!
Nick: Umm, no. Not so much.
DJ2: Alright, b/c I’m not afraid of you.

DJ2: Let’s go! You and me, sweetheart. That’s right, you thought having 7 brothers are bad!
DJ1: Nick won’t let the callers talk. Amy (DJ2) won’t let Nick talk. It’s ridiculous in here right now! Hang on a sec. Hey Kimberly! You have a question for Nick?
Caller: What are the ages of the actors on Roswell?
Nick: What?
DJ3: What are the Roswell cast’s ages?
Nick: Oh, what are the ages. I thought, who are their agents. Well, I’m 21 and I think the youngest is like…
DJ1: But pretty much around your age though?
Nick: Yeah, pretty much around there up to 25 or 24 or something…
Caller: B/c all of you are playing High School students. I was just curious of the ages.
Nick: I know. I’m always curious about that myself. You see ppl playing HS students like the ppl in 90210, and they’re like 30.
DJ3: They’re the Golden Girls. They go from 90210 to the Golden Girls. You said you went to HS is Albuquerque?
Nick: Yeah.
DJ2: Yeah, that’s where he’s from.
DJ3: That’s where Lindsey went.
DJ1: (to DJ3) Your girlfriend?
DJ3: And you’re 21.
Nick: Yes.
DJ1: Have you ever dated DangerBoy’s (DJ3) girlfriend?
DJ3: Yeah, you dated a girl named Lindsey? Good looking girl…
Nick: You mean like an electronic date? *everyone laughs*
DJs: Oooh, LOL! *applauding*
DJ2: Right on!
DJ3: He (Nick) came in. I said, “I don’t like him. Get this guy outta here.” (to Nick) We’re going for a beer after this. I love this guy! That’s funny. I love you, man!
DJ1: Define date DangerBoy.
DJ3: Define date? It’s in Albuquerque, I don’t know — you pick her up, you drive around, you say, “Whoa!”, drop her home. *everyone laughs*
DJ1: Nick Wechsler is Kyle Valenti on Roswell. It’s on 9PM tonight, right after 7th Heaven. Is it a brand new Roswell tonight?
Nick: Brand new!
DJ1: All brand new episodes tonight! OMG, it’s a huge night for The WB! Thanks so much for coming by, man!
Nick: Thanks for having me.
DJ1: (jokingly) ‘Cause all the other ppl you work with are slackers. We appreciate you hung out in Vegas an extra day. You got up early, and came in to join us.
Nick: I was glad to do it. I hope everyone listening is planning on tuning in tonight. Even if you haven’t seen it, check it tonight on The WB Las Vegas. I am Nick Wechsler, and I’ve been great! *everyone laughs and applauds*
DJ1: You know what?! We would agree. You have been great. Awesome, awesome!


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