LeadingNick Wechsler

Nick Wechsler in the Fox series “Vanished”

Nick Wechsler recently starred in two episodes of Fox’s “Vanish” – a series about the missing of the senator’s wife. Fox says about the show:

In VANISHED, nothing is as it seems. Everyone is a suspect. Everyone has a secret. And no one is safe.

Viewers will journey inside a sensational, thrilling national soap opera as collaborating FBI Agents Daniel Lucas, Michael Tyner, Lin Mei and Graham Kelton investigate and uncover enigmatic clues that suggest Sara’s disappearance may be part of a large, sinister conspiracy. Meanwhile, ambitious reporter Judy Nash is also pursuing leads to deliver breaking news as this career-defining story develops.

“Vanished” is produced by 20th Century Fox Television and was created by Josh Berman (“CSI: Crime Scene Investigation). Nick played Gabe Barnett in the episode 12 “Warm Springs” and a man in car in the following episode 13 “The Velocity of Sara”. The official website can be found here: fox.com/vanished