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‘Roswell’: A Fehr Appreciation

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From New York Daily News:

Daily News Staff Writer

f the WB does decide to pull the plug on its “Roswell” drama, cast member Brendan Fehr isn’t going to lose any sleep.

He has a fairly laid-back attitude about the pending decision on the show’s future.

Brendan Fehr (l.) seems down to Earth when discussing ‘Roswell’s’ future.
“For me, whatever happens, happens,” he told The News. “If I’m supposed to survive after the show, I will. We had a good time doing the show. We did the best that we could do with all that was given.”

“Roswell” focuses on a group of aliens living in New Mexico. The series blends the sci-fi elements of UFOs and aliens with a traditional coming-of-age drama. Besides Fehr, the show also stars Shiri Appleby, Jason Behr, Katherine Heigl, Majandra Delfino, Colin Hanks, Nick Wechsler and William Sadler.

It’s not that Fehr doesn’t care about the series, because he does. It’s just that after only a few years in the business, he already understands how fickle and uncertain it can be.

“I hope it does go again,” he said. “This whole acting business has been very quick and it’s all been a very big bonus for me. But I can forget about it and go home and watch a hockey game.”

The show has been a critical darling since it launched in the fall, although the Nielsen ratings have not lived up to expectations.

A decision on the show is due by next week, when the WB announces its fall schedule.

To show their support, loyal fans have been bombarding the network with bottles of Tabasco sauce — the aliens’ beverage of choice — as a way of saying the series is hot.

“I’m surprised at how well organized it is,” Fehr said of the campaign. “It’s a good show, and when you have a sci-fi show, the fans tend to attach pretty tightly on it.”

WB executives have frequently stressed their support for the series, but to a point. Everything, of course, is based on ratings. And lately, thanks to a move to Mondays at 9 p.m., ratings have been moving in the right direction.

“The show is very high-quality and the writing is great,” Fehr said. “It works because everybody does their job so well.”

Despite the hype and attention garnered by the series, Fehr said he got a giant dose of reality during a recent trip across the country.

“I was on a plane watching a Discovery special on building bridges,” he said. “I realized how unimportant my job is. Stuff like that kind of hits you.”


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