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Brendan Fehr is sitting indian style on the floor of a dressing room, having just offered us the only chair in the room. “I’ve been all over the place today,” he says of his first-ever trip to New York City. “And all these shows I taped are airing at different times, so I’m gonna be wearing the same thing. People are gonna be like, ‘This guy doesn’t change!'” He grins at us and we wonder if he knows his T-shirt is on inside out. “It’s been crazy,” says the 22 year-old star who plays Michael, a teen aliens on the hit show Roswell. The rumpled, but adorable, Canadian-born actor took time to gab with react before his Levi’s appearance in Macy’s, New York.

The complete article (with cool pictures from behind the scenes at the Levi photo shoot) can be seen here: [not availalbe anymore]


“I’m doing a movie called The Forsaken, I’m a Vampire hunter, so I get to kick butt,” says Brendan about his plans for the summer. “I’m working with Kerr Smith, from Dawson’s. Kerr and I got along well on the set of Final Destination, so its gonna be fun to work with him again.” He recounts, “I didn’t work much with anyone on that movie–I died.”